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Learn How You Can Recover Photos From MySpace

Yes, it is possible to recover MySpace photos. The former queen of social networks assumed that she lost many of the files, but it’s worth a try.

To the recover myspace photos you will be able to save unique moments of your first experiences of editing and sharing content online. You will feel that you are on a true journey to your past and to the past of social networks.

Created in 2003, the MySpace network became a true queen of social networks between 2005 and 2008, the year in which it began to be overtaken by Facebook.

In 2006 MySpace, supplanting the already famous Google, was the most visited site in the US and at its peak of success it had more than 100 million monthly users.

In Portugal its users reached 500 thousand. Widely used for sharing music playlists, MySpace also served at the time for what would become the main use given by users to social networks: sharing photos and videos.

MySpace: From Boom to Loss of Information

MySpace was once valued at twelve billion dollars, but over the years it lost popularity against its competitor Facebook. The site is still online, but is no longer seen as a social network, but a revivalist social entertainment platform for artists and musicians.

The fact that it is still active means that old accounts abandoned by users still linger on the internet. But many of these testimonies of the recent history of internet use may already be irretrievably lost. In 2019, the company that owns MySpace acknowledged that in a migration between servers things went wrong. The transition ended up deleting and corrupting many of the older files uploaded to user accounts before 2015.

The company came to apologize stating that it was a mistake. An error that became a reminder of the need to better archive what circulates online on other social networks. So, if you had a Myspace account and still want to recover your golden memories, this is the time to try it before new mistakes of this kind can occur.

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Recover Photos on MySpace in 2 Steps


Regain account access

If you forgot the password or username of your old account, but still remember the email you used to create it, recovering your registered MySpace life is easier.

Just log in, access >Forgot password (forgot password) and start the usual process of recovering/creating a new password for that email. In a few minutes, you will have your old account back.

If you can still remember your user name, but you can’t remember the email used for the MySpace account, or if it has been disabled, things get complicated. But do not despair because there may still be a solution.

Ask for help by sending an email to the MySpace support service. They are quick to respond, they just ask you to provide account information, whatever you remember.

If you convince them that you are the author of it, it is still possible that access will be regained.

But remember that, when creating a new access password, you must reserve it only for MySpace, not repeating the same password for other purposes.

Since it is a network with few updates, security barriers may be more permeable to hackers, making this password not one of the most protected.


Where to find the photos?

Inside your account look on the left side of the screen for a tab that says >Mixes. That’s where your photos are. Enter the locations marked >Classic – My Photos and >Classic – My Stream Photos.

That’s where they usually are, but also look in >ProfileMix or >CoverMix because you might have surprises and find even more anything.

But if you enter these tabs and they are empty, that’s bad news.

It means your old account never got synced to the new MySpace server and your photos are irretrievably lost.

In that case, if all you have left is your profile picture and you want to say goodbye to MySpace forever, just close your account with a few clicks.

Go to > Settings on the >Gear icon (that toothed wheel that also exists in current networks). Find and select >Account and then >Delete. Goodbye MySpace!

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