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Learn how to use photos in your home decor

The photos have a beautiful, modern and personalized effect on home decor. They can be distributed among the furniture or even on the walls, bets depend on the preferences of the residents. The fact is that decorating ideas go far beyond ordinary picture frames and even go as far as the originality of playing with images.

The photo frames can be used on the sideboard (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

photographs on the walls

Able to add a personal touch to the decor, the photos expose the best moments lived alongside family and friends. Despite photography being a very versatile element for assembling decorated environments, it is necessary to be a little careful not to commit exaggerations and create the feeling of ‘overloaded’.

When photography participates in the decoration, it can insert a fun, romantic, relaxed, retro or familiar effect. There are many ways to appropriate the images and display them in the room, you just need to work with good taste and creativity.

Picture frame

Picture frames with photos for decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

🇧🇷 Distribution of images in picture frame: this is considered the most traditional way of decorating with photographs, with the images displayed on furniture such as sideboards, racks, shelves, nightstands or tables. The frame that gives the photo its charm can range from a conventional design to more modern features, which even incorporate prints and new formats.

Multiple photos in one frame

In addition to decorating the photos, they remember unforgettable moments (Photo: Disclosure)

Photos on the Wall

🇧🇷 pictures on the wall: Gone are the days of old paintings with images of frowning family members, now the idea is to innovate with joy and personality. A very interesting way to customize the vertical cladding is to invest in a photo wall, where an overlapping set of images can be mounted and then hung on one of the walls of the house. Displaying happy moments in the bedroom or home office corresponds to a different way of decorating.

Assorted photo frames

You can use different photos of people to decorate your home (Photo: Disclosure)

photos of strangers

🇧🇷 photos of strangers: some decoration projects are incorporating these images, valuing the photographed situations, the form of distribution in the environment and finishing. The painted wooden frames are successful in a modern look and transform the photo into an ‘almost painting’. The originality can also be seen in the framed photos that are placed on the furniture alongside other decorative objects.

The photographs can be placed on the wall, in a hallway (Photo: Disclosure)


🇧🇷 The charm of black and white: the photos that dispense with color end up fitting better in the proposal of a clean and modern environment. The images arranged on the furniture or walls are sophisticated and explore the retro touch with a harmonic effect. The diversified sizes promise to make the look of the environment more dynamic.

photos on the shelf

You can put numerous photos on the stand, it will draw everyone’s attention.

Varied photos

🇧🇷 Composition: depending on how photographs are used, they can replace paintings and incorporate new sensations into the look of the house. Framed images are often used on walls, fleeing the traditional and causing a wonderful effect in space. It is always important to be careful not to make an exaggerated composition and make the environment visually tiring.

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