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Learn how to track your Object

O post office tracking is a service that helps citizens track the delivery of mail. This system known as SEDEX is already highly regarded in Brazil and surpasses all other companies responsible for mail delivery in Brazil in terms of quality.

What this article covers:

Post Office Tracking: How the service works

The Express Parcel Service has nationwide coverage and ships orders quickly to the recipient’s address. Delivery times are impressive due to their speed, after all, people can receive their correspondence within 24 hours of purchase. The Correios SEDEX became a viable option mainly after the virtual stores increased sales, it is the main delivery service for sending products.

Many people are left in doubt how to track mail item, but this query is simple and only requires the user to go to the appropriate website. Right after making a purchase over the internet or sending a letter through Sedex, the system will generate a delivery number and it is through this code that you will do the tracking.

By tracking mail over the internet, you can find out where the package is and what is the expected arrival date. If delivery is made without anyone at the address to receive it, Sedex persists in the following days, thus demonstrating its efficiency and commitment to customers.

It is worth remembering that there are different express order services, varying in terms of time, distance and price. Sedex Mundi is aimed at international correspondence, while Sedex Hoje is a service where documents or goods are delivered to the recipient on the same day of posting.

How to track an object at the post office?

Post Office Tracking

to do the online mail tracking, you must access the Correios screening page that corresponds to that service. The search mechanism is simple, it only asks for the object’s identifier number (13 digits). In a matter of seconds it is possible to obtain information about the goods ordered or the document posted.

If you have made a purchase or even sent an object to someone, know that it is possible to use post office tracking to find and see where your object is. Follow the step by step below and use the post office tracker to your advantage:

  1. First you need to have the “tracking code”. This code you receive after the product is posted at the post office, it generates a unique traceable code;
  2. Access the official website of the post office by clicking HERE and paste the code in the field “Your tracking code” at the beginning of this page;
  3. Press enter or click the magnifying glass button;
  4. After that, you will be informed of the entire path that your object has already traveled and where it is at the moment.

With impressive deadlines, Sedex wants to meet all customer needs and ensure safe deliveries. Access the SRO Internet Mail website and make the query.

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