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Learn how to remove texture from the wall

One of the most used ways to leave the walls with a different look is the texture. The technique consists of using an accessory (trowel, brush or sponge) to create embossed designs on a surface. Texture application can be done both indoors and outdoors.

There are techniques to remove texture from the wall. (Photo: Disclosure)

Although the textured wall is one of the trends of the moment, some people end up getting sick of the finish. When this happens, the need arises to remove the embossed cover so that the surface can gain a new finish.

Another situation that can trigger the texture removal is when the individual moves to a new property. The house may have a textured wall that doesn’t suit his taste, so he ends up looking for ways to remove the texture and make a new finish, according to your preferences.

What this article covers:

Wall texture: learn to remove

In the market, it is possible to find products developed especially for remove acrylic texture, as is the case with Striptizi Montana. The gel is able to remove the films of different types of texture🇧🇷 It does not drip and does not contain corrosive components.

The gel makes the work of the spatula simpler. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the step-by-step below use Striptizi Gel in texture removal🇧🇷

1. The surface does not need any preparation to receive Striptizi Gel. Just mix the remover well and then apply it with a brush over the textured wall🇧🇷 After application, wait 15 minutes to start removing the finish.

two. The texture can be removed from the moment it becomes wrinkled or softened. It is necessary to use a spatula to help remove the film. At the end of the work, the residues must be cleaned with a paper towel.

3. After removing all texture, the person responsible for the job should apply thinner. This product will improve adhesion and drying of the new paintwork.

4. After five hours of drying, the wall must be sanded and cleaned. Once this is done, it will be ready to receive a new finish.

Striptizi Montana. (Photo: Disclosure)

useful tips

• For apply the remover It is important to wear gloves and safety glasses.

• Striptizi Gel can be found at home improvement stores. At Leroy Merlin, for example, a 3.6L package costs R$104.99. The smaller product, 0.9L, is sold for R$30.99.

• There are others techniques capable of removing the texture of the wall, as is the case with the use of fire. The flames, when brought close to the surface, are capable of softening the film and facilitating its removal with a spatula.

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