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Learn how to register your Pix on Itaú. Check it out here!

Pix is ​​a transfer and payment method created by the Central Bank. This method became very famous for being able to make transactions for free in just a few seconds.

Itaú bank customers are also able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Pix method, for this it is necessary to register Pix with Itaú and start using it. Check out how to carry out the process.

What this article covers:

What is Pix Itaú?

The Pix method is a tool for making payments and transfers that has become popular with Brazilians because it is fast and secure in transactions. It is possible to send and receive values ​​in just a few seconds and even 24 hours a day.

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Pix no Itaú is available to all bank customers. In this way, transactions through Pix can be made on Itaú’s online platforms, such as the Itaú app and also through Itaú on the internet.

How does Itaú’s Pix work?

To use Pix on Itaú, the payer and receiver must have accounts at a bank or financial institution. In addition, to carry out a transfer, the Pix key must be registered by Itaú.

During the transfer, the payer must choose the Pix option, ensure the recipient’s data and confirm the transaction at the end. At Itaú, it is also possible to carry out Pix transactions through the QR Code option. In it, it is possible to initiate a transaction just by pointing the cell phone’s camera at the symbol that indicates the QR Code.

Pix is ​​a free tool for all physical person accounts, but it proposes a cost for legal accounts. Itaú has established a maximum limit for transfers that are carried out during the night, so users can only transfer up to R$1,000 between 8:00 pm and 5:59 am.

The limit was created to reduce the activities of fraudsters, who use the night period to carry out Pix fraud. It is also possible to limit or increase the limits established by Itaú. For this, the user must open the Pix menu through the application and look for the my limits area. There it is possible to determine the transaction limit by periods.

You can make as many transfers as you want within the limit determined in the application. The Pix tool at Itaú works 24 hours a day, even on holidays and weekends.

How to register Pix on Itaú?

As previously mentioned, in order to carry out transactions via Pix, the Pix key must be properly registered by the bank. The Pix key is what will indicate which account the money will fall into and all the necessary data. It is possible to use the CPF or CNPJmobile number or some random password like Pix key.

At Itaú, it is possible to register the Pix key through the app or digital platform. For this, it is necessary to log in to the Itaú account with the necessary data and access the menu that indicates the Pix area.

In this environment, it will be possible to choose the Pix key, which could be the cell phone number, CPF or even personal email. After choosing, just confirm the key Pix in Itaú will be active to receive amounts or transfers.

Pix is ​​considered a safe and efficient payment method, but it is currently being targeted by internet fraudsters. That’s why you need to pay attention to all actions involving him. Itaú advises its users never to provide their data to other communication channels other than the official ones and to pay attention to suspicious emails and sms.

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