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Learn how to pay the DARF through the Itaú app

If you are starting out in the world of stock investing, you need to know that for better or for worse, one of your companions on this journey will be the DARF. All buyers, whether Individuals or Legal Entities, are subject to the payment of this fee. For some, generating the document and paying for it can be a rather complex task, but today we’ll show you how to pay it through the Itaú app in a simple, quick and easy way.

What this article covers:

What is DARF?

DARF is the acronym for “Federal Revenue Collection Document” and is sent by the Ministry of Finance and by RF. The document is the RF’s main means of collecting taxes on financial operations, and its issuance is mandatory for both Legal Entities and Individuals.

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Issuance of the DARF for payment: what is needed

To be issued, it is necessary to access the Sicalc program. There, with your CPF in hand, your city and state, the Revenue code, the month in which the tax was due and the income amount, you will be able to issue the document for payment. It is also possible to use the My Income Tax system to issue the DARF.

DARF payment through the Itaú App: see step by step

So, how to pay DARF through the Itaú app? It’s quite simple! Just access the app, and in the search field type the abbreviation. The first option that appears is the option you must click on, then you will be redirected to a screen where you must fill in some data, such as:

  • Telephone
  • Full name
  • Due date
  • Percentage of interest and fines

Among some other data. Once everything is filled in, the final amount will be displayed, so just click on pay.

It is very important not to forget to pay the document, since default can lead to bigger problems, in addition to an increase in interest on your debt. We hope that through this short tutorial you have learned how to pay DARF through the Itaú app!

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