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Learn how to locate a lost cell phone

Lost and trying to locate your mobile phone? There are some simple ways to do this. Learn how to proceed.

It can happen to anyone: one minute your phone is in your pocket and the next you have no idea where it might be. The question is: how to locate a lost cell phone?

Nowadays, knowing how to locate a lost cell phone is a simple task and this ease is guaranteed by the advanced technology of these small devices.

If you own one smartphonethe task can be simple, as the vast majority of these devices have their own technology, which allows the location of the device.

However, this functionality is only available while the mobile phone has a charged battery, as the moment the battery is completely discharged, the chances of locating the device are considerably reduced.

If another person finds your mobile phone, it is recommended that you be careful when establishing communication and avoid, as far as possible, providing your personal data.

How to locate a lost cell phone

The easiest way to find out how to locate a lost Android phone is through the “find my device”, or “Find My Device”, available on a smartphone Android through Google Play services. The application can also be used in browser and, when activated, it uses the internet wireless or GPS to help locate the device.

see the google guide on how to activate this option so that later you can take advantage of what is allowed. Then go to the website Android Device Manager and see how easy it is to locate a lost cell phone. After finding your smartphone on the map, you can choose whether you want it to ring, block it or even delete everything on your phone.

The best, and perhaps only, way to locate a lost Apple phone is through the “Find My iPhone” app. The application comes pre-installed on iOS phones and displays a map with the location of the device when requested.

However, to locate a mobile phone through the application, it is also necessary to have a second iOS device, such as another iPhone, an iPad, an iPod or a Mac. Unfortunately, the application only works when the phone is charged and connected to the internet.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you can remotely install apps on your device. You can go to the Apple or Google store and install an app so that you can locate your smartphone. Obviously, you need to meet the two requirements that we imposed at the beginning.

If you have a Microsoft device, you don’t need to despair. The company’s devices also have a service to find lost mobile phones that comes pre-installed at the factory. Despite not requiring additional configuration, the service only works when the device is charged and connected to the internet.

It is not very difficult to locate a lost cell phone.

Apps to locate a lost cell phone


THE cerberus is an app that will allow you to locate your smartphone, lock it remotely and start an audible alarm. It is indicated for robberies, but also serves to locate a lost cell phone.


We’ve already talked about Prey in the article about stolen mobile phones. But, the app is so good that we refer to it again. Install Prey and see the wonders this app can do for you to find your smartphone.

Other ways to locate a lost phone

Try to contact your cell phone and see if it rings or vibrates nearby. Try to retrace your steps so far, see where you went and where you landed the objects. Send a message to his number if you believe you have lost your device. Try to get in touch, because if someone has found it, it can facilitate the return of the device.

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