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Learn how to grant access to Caixa Tem!

Many people need to release access to the cashier and do not know how to proceed. This need arose when Caixa Econômica started to block the app for security reasons and to prevent fraud, especially from 2020. In this context, many people need to carry out the correct procedures to access the app.

In general, the process to grant access to the cashier is simple and there are different ways to do this. In this text you can get to know better what Caixa Tem is, what it is used for and how its unlocking process works for users. Follow until the end and understand all of this.

What this article covers:

What is the function of the Caixa Tem application?

O Caixa Tem app is a digital solution that offers customers the possibility to access different types of services and products. Through it, it is possible to carry out various operations, such as payments, transfers, investments (savings), access to lines of credit, among other things.

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In addition to these things, the application is also used to pay benefits (social and labor) offered by the Federal Government. As Caixa is the bank responsible for paying these amounts, the application is one of the means used to manage payments.

What is possible to do with this app?

With Caixa Tem, it is possible to make various payments (such as electricity, water, internet, bank slips), make transfers between accounts, receive payments for products sold or services rendered, buy goods and get a credit card, for example.

How to grant access to Caixa Tem?

To grant access to the cashier, the user can follow different paths. It is possible, for example, to use WhatsApp to do this. Just enter Caixa Tem, with your CPF and password, and click on the “Liberar Access” option. A chat section will open and the application should send a link to start the WhatsApp conversation. It is necessary to send some documentation and follow the steps indicated during the conversation.

How to grant access to Caixa Tem

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If that doesn’t solve it, you can go to a Caixa agency to grant access to the cashier in person. In this case, it is important for the user to carry an official identification document and the CPF. Just talk to one of the attendants and explain the situation.

In lottery houses it is also possible to do this procedure. If it is not possible to go to a Caixa branch, the customer has the option of going to a lottery and granting access to the cashier there. To do this, you also need to take CPF, official document with photo and the cell phone where the app is installed.

How to release on another cell phone?

Caixa Tem users may have their cell phone stolen (or lose it) and need to access the application from another device. In this case, it is recommended that the person go to a Caixa branch to explain the situation and solve the problem. This is necessary because the app is designed to be used on a single device per person.

Release error: how to proceed?

If the user follows the guidelines mentioned above and still cannot grant access to the cashier, the best thing to do is go to a Caixa branch to talk to an attendant and correct the problem. There are several reasons for this type of situation to happen, but they can all be corrected with personal service at Caixa.

These are the main information on how to grant access to the cashier. In cases of doubt, Caixa’s contact channels can be accessed for further clarification.

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