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learn how to follow the most sustainable path

How many times have you bought products with more than one package? This is a harmful practice for the environment that you can and must combat.

When the packaging is much larger than the product or when the item is wrapped in several layers of plastic or paper, there is always a waste of resources. This reality, so little environmentally friendly, can be different if some habits are changed.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and, in this way, we are also more attentive to situations that are harmful to the planet. Overpacking is one of them.

If you buy fruits and vegetables in plastic or packs of yoghurts and tins wrapped in cardboard, is buying products with excess packaging. The same happens with plastics that wrap books or when bottles of hygiene or cosmetic products are sold inside cardboard boxes.

In these cases (and in many others) the second pack is completely unnecessary and has no impact on the quality of the product. It is often just an aesthetic issue that does not increase protection against possible damage and even makes the product more expensive.

Do you know what you can do when this happens? O Positive Balance explains what to do if you identify cases of overpacking and gives you some tips to save packaging and the environment.

Overpacking, ever heard of it? Know what to do to reduce

Excess packaging generates unnecessary waste and wastes resources. Do you know that, as a consumer, you can help to end this harmful habit for the planet?

See what to do in this article prepared by Saldo Positivo.

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