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Learn how to do the perfect manicure in 10 minutes (at home)

If time is something you don’t have in abundance, find out how to do the perfect manicure in 10 minutes and without leaving your home.

Time is often one of our greatest adversaries. Especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our image. But, for example, fixing your hands in the comfort of your own home can be an answer. But do you know how to perfect manicure in 10 minutes?

Yes, there are some tricks and tips to get some beautiful nails, as if he had really gone to the manicure. So, whether it’s because she’s not a fan of beauty salons, or because she wants to save money while taking care of herself, the tips below will come in handy.

Grab your nail polish remover and nail polish, and get ready for some nails to envy. All without spending too much.

7 tips for the perfect manicure in 10 minutes


Start by cleaning the surface of the nail

The first step for the perfect manicure in 10 minutes to have the desired result is to thoroughly clean the surface of the nail, removing any residue or excess of old nail polish.

So, prefer a acetone free remover to remove nail polish residues (since acetone tends to attack the nail), and wash your hands very well.

Did you know that vinegar is a great ally to leave the nail in perfect condition, to receive the products that you are going to put on it afterwards?

Therefore, soak some cotton pads in vinegar and clean your nails with the solution.

It’s just that, in addition to eliminating natural oils and residues that often create a barrier on the surface of the nail, vinegar also helps to extend the duration of the nail polish.

Although we all know that a regular manicure doesn’t last as long as gel nails or gel polish, there are some tips to make it last longer than three days.

One of them is to apply base and top coat. In a first phase, the base, in addition to helping to fix the color, will protect the nail from the chemicals present in the varnishes. Chemicals that, over time, tend to damage it and leave it with a yellowish appearance. Therefore, do not dispense with a good base, preferably strengthening.

The top coat, on the other hand, helps the polish to stick to the nail and last longer, providing extra shine. If you want, you can reapply the top coat after two days, in a thin layer, so that your nails look like they just left the beauty salon again.

Treat gel nails at home

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Apply thin coats of varnish

For the manicure to be perfect, it is important to be patient when painting your nails. So, slowly apply 2 to 3 thin coats of varnish until you get the desired result.

If you notice that they take a little longer to dry, don’t make the mistake of speeding up the process by shaking your hands or blowing on your nails. This creates air bubbles in the varnish and causes the reverse effect. Therefore, it is best to wait. Or bet on natural products.


Drying with natural products

The real secret of a perfect manicure in 10 minutes lies in the nail polish drying process. Skip the over-the-counter sprays and opt for easy, homemade solutions.

Use olive oil: put a drop of olive oil at the base of the nail, after painting, and wait for it to spread over the entire surface. Then pass your hands under running water.

Use water and ice: before starting the manicure, keep a bowl of ice and a little water in the fridge. With the nails finished, carefully remove the bowl, wait 2 minutes and dip the nails there for 1 minute. Remove and let it dry naturally.


Hydrate the cuticles well

Some say that cuticles are the key to healthy nails and a long-lasting manicure. Therefore, it is important that you take care of them.

Before applying the nail polish, put a little bit of specific oil on the cuticle area and massage gently. Remove only the skins that are in excess, and push the cuticle down with a spatula. When the nails are already dry, reapply oil to the cuticles.

You can easily find this type of product in cosmetic stores or online. But, if you prefer, you can also moisturize your cuticles with olive oil or sweet almond oil.

It’s no use having perfect nails if your hands are dry. Therefore, after the nail polish has completely dried, it is important to massage your hands with a very moisturizing cream.

And, if you are one of those people who suffer from dry hands, why not make one hands mask weekly, or every 15 days? You’ll see that having fairy hands has never been so easy.

Still have doubts? See below the tutorial on how to make a perfect manicure in 10 minutes, easily and quickly.

No more excuses for not always having nice and tidy nails, right?

Article originally published in September 2021. Updated in September 2022.

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