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Learn how to disguise gray hair without having to dye it

Did you know that there are ways to disguise gray hair without having to dye it? Find out what they are and feel even more beautiful.

Although gray hairs are part of the natural aging process, few women love them (especially when they start to appear). For that reason, and because we want you to feel even more beautiful, we’ve put together some infallible tricks to disguise white hair without having to paint.

Yes, despite dyeing your hair being an increasingly common option among the female public, there are some women who prefer natural hair, even when the first “white hair” starts to appear. If that’s your case, read on and learn how to hide them.

Disguise gray hair without dyeing it: 7 infallible tips

A good solution for disguising gray hair is to choose to apply a spray with the same hair color, in the areas where there are more of them. The good part is that this type of product does not harm the hair and comes off with a wash.

If you’ve never tried it and want to say goodbye to gray hair without permanently dyeing it, it’s worth it.

The “messy” ponytails (without being too perfect) are an excellent way to disguise gray hair. Indeed, as the hair is not divided, it is easier for them to go unnoticed.

If you like it, add a handkerchief and you’ll see how you can’t even find them.


change hair cut

If you want to hide gray hair without dyeing it, there’s nothing like changing your haircut. So, if you have a straighter cut, know that layered and asymmetrical cuts are the best for gray hair to go unnoticed.

It’s just that, as the strands of hair get more volume, it becomes difficult to identify where the white ones are (especially if there are still few).


Say no to marked risks

The well-marked risks, either in the middle or on the side, make gray hair more evident. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on a hairstyle without marked risks. You may not believe it, but this tip actually makes a lot of difference. Try it.


Invest in hair accessories

Hair accessories are also an incredible way to “hide” gray hair, in addition to making the look full of style. Take advantage of the fact that headbands and hooks are in fashion and use them non-stop.

Not only will gray hair be disguised, but it will also make your looks even more beautiful.

Braids are also a good trick for disguising gray hair, especially if you make a tiara with them. Of course, this is an alternative that only works for women with long hair, but if that’s your case, take advantage.


Use eyelash masks on your hair

If you still have a few gray hairs and your hair tone is darker, try applying a brown or black eyelash mask. At first glance, it may seem strange, but the truth is that they are immediately neutralized and match the color of the rest of the hair.

Currently, there are also some specific hair products that work like eyelash mask, disguising gray hairs. But if you don’t want to spend money, use the same one you usually use for your eyelashes.

Definitely a super easy way to get rid of gray hair, especially on those days when you want to look your best.

Now that you know the best tricks to disguise gray hair without having to dye it, start applying them now.

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