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Learn how to defrost food correctly and safely

You might even think you know everything about how to defrost food, but we can almost bet that our tips will help – a lot.

On a daily basis, it is usual to put and remove food from the freezer. But do we really know what we are doing? To clear all your doubts, we explain how to defrost food – be it pasta, fruit or even pies.

If it is possible to freeze practically everything, it is also necessary to know how to defrost everything. Find out with us how to defrost food and correct bad practices now, for the sake of your health!

How to defrost food

Pasta, meat, fruit, fish and pies


Defrosting can be carried out in the refrigerator, at room temperature (with the container closed), in the oven or even in the microwave. Defrosting time varies according to the portion.

Poultry and other meats

Birds, in particular, must be defrosted 24 hours before cooking. Put them in the fridge and let them thaw slowly, so they preserve their proteins and nutrients. Only remove from the package when the portion is completely defrosted and discard all the liquid that has been released.

In the case of meat, you should never immerse it in water to speed up the defrosting process, as there may be contamination with bacteria. Meat that has already been defrosted must not come into contact with portions of meat that are still being defrosted.


To consume the fruits, they do not need to be 100% defrosted. Just move them from the freezer to the fridge for 4 hours and they are ready to eat.

eggs and dairy

In this case, the best defrosting is done in the fridge for a few hours – 4 hours for butter, for example. Follow the same method for the milk, which may appear to be crumbly, but if stirred vigorously, it will look as usual.

Eggs should only be frozen raw and, once thawed, can be cooked like fresh eggs. Never freeze hard-boiled eggs.

The cheese defrosts slowly, 24 hours in the fridge and another 4 hours at room temperature. However, if it is grated cheese, then you can use it right away.

fish and seafood

Defrost the fish in the fridgepreferably 24 hours before consuming it, taking care to isolate it in a container to prevent its odor from spreading through the refrigerator.

Plate with grilled sardines

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The pies must be frozen without the final decoration (which must be added when serving). However, in either case, you must defrost the pies at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

general tip: any of these foods, after thawing, must be consumed within two days.

Did he comply with all these indications or did he know all this information? Of course not, but the truth is that they are of the utmost importance, because they are essential for you to eat food that has been properly preserved and free of any bacteria that threaten your health.

Knowing how to defrost food is serious business and therefore deserves to be posted on your fridge door – right? Create a table so that everyone at home has access to the information, especially if they are learning to cook.

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