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Learn how to clear internet history

Erasing internet history is easier than it seems, it doesn’t require a lot of computer knowledge and can be very useful.

learn to delete internet history so as not to leave a trace on the computers you use. It’s much easier than it looks and guarantees greater privacy, since if you do, no one will know which sites you’ve visited.

It is, in fact, essential for anyone who shares the use of a computer, or other devices of the kind, as it allows for greater security and the certainty that it is very difficult for your trace on the internet to be followed by another user. It can happen, but it’s more complicated.

How to clear internet history


Is it possible to delete internet history in Google Chrome? Of course. And quite simply:

  • Access Chrome’s history, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+H;
  • On the left side appears the option “Clear browsing data”;
  • Select the box that says “Browsing history” and set the date;
  • Clean navigation data.


Firefox continues to be a widely used browser around the world. And, of course, it also lets you erase your internet history:

  • Use the shortcut Ctrl+H to access the history;
  • Select the “Clear browsing data” option;
  • Define the period of time you want to delete and the data you want to be deleted;
  • Clear now.

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With Edge, the steps are basically the same. Yes, it is possible to delete the internet history in the Microsoft browser:

  • Use the shortcut Ctrl+H to access the history;
  • Select the time period you want to delete or choose the option “Clear all history”;
  • Define the data you want to be deleted;
  • And… clear the history;

Program to erase internet history

What if there was a program capable of erasing Internet history and saving users from following the steps mentioned above? We have good news: it really exists. THE History Clean removes any evidence that the computer has been used. Why? Because it eliminates the usage history and each and every program.

Erase internet history on smartphone

on android

If you want to clear the history on a device android, the options to take are not very different. In Chrome, just access the menu button (the three vertical dots in the upper right field) and click on Settings. Then, click on Privacy and you will see that option appear immediately. In Firefox, the options are similar. Access the Menu (the same three vertical dots) and click on Settings > Privacy > Delete private data.

on iOS

on devices apple things are a little different. Go to Settings (the button with gray gears) and look for Safari. Click on it to open the control panel. Then, just click on the “Clear history and data from sites” button and confirm.

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