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Learn how to calculate the cash cdc interest rate

Find out how to calculate Caixa Econômica’s CDC interest rate and how to know the main installment terms that will fit in your pocket, and won’t cause any inconvenience when paying.

What this article covers:

What is the cdc rate and how does it work?

Caixa’s CDC is simply a pre-approved credit that the institution makes available more quickly, which can be paid in installments over 48 months, and the limit of this credit can vary between R$ 150.00 to R$ 30,000.00. This modality does not require any guarantor, and you will be more practical and less bureaucratic when hiring.

What is the cdc rate of the box?

For the Automatic CDC there is a fee of 4.27% per month, for those who decide to opt for installment payments in up to 48 months. If you hire CDC Senior, there will be a lower rate of 3.26% per month for retirees and pensioners who will have the opportunity to apply for lower installments of 36 installments.

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If it is the CDC Salary Account, a specific modality for people who receive their salary directly at the Caixa institution. The maximum payment period is 60 months, with interest of 3.62%, and if you want to contract, just call 0800 726 0505.

CDC Turismo is aimed at INSS retirees and pensioners who wish to travel. It is possible to pay the amounts in up to 24 months, with a rate of 3.96% per month. However, to hire this service you will need to call 0800 726 0505.

How much interest?

Interest can vary depending on the style of service you hire, as well as the amount to be received, and they can range from 4.27% to 3.26% with the lowest rate so far offered by Caixa Econômica.

How can I order cdc in the box?

To request the CDC through Caixa, simply choose the service through the agency’s own ATM, Caixa application or Internet Banking. If you experience difficulties requesting this service through the ATM, just follow these tips:

Insert your cash card in the requested space, and go to the Easy Credit option, which you will need to choose according to the type of CDC that you like the most. Subsequently, you will need to choose a payment term, together with the installments for which you will have to pay and check if the amount is already available in your checking account.

How to check the installments?

To properly consult all your installments of the CDC interest rate, simply access the Internet Banking and proceed to My Contracts to log in and check your information in total security.

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