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Learn how to apply for the Rico credit card

Rico credit card is the most talked about novelty of Rico Investimentos, or the XP group. With the attitude of following the same path of other investment brokers, Rico is already more than prepared to enter the banking segment (digital bank account).

According to the company itself, which is part of the XP Inc group, services such as a bank account and Rico credit card will be offered to its customers and investors until January 2023.

The Rico credit card is a long-awaited product, as XP has been successful with its card. And this time, the company owned by XP SA has already tested the Rico credit card with the Visa Infinite brand among its employees.

Other important brokers already offer products such as the Rico credit card, such as Modal Mais, BTG Pactual and, of course, XP.

What this article covers:

Who is Rico?

A stockbroker that has been on the market since 2011 and operates with a fully online platform to offer different application products. From fixed income (public and private treasury), investment funds, to well-selected variable income (mainly stocks).

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If you are an investor, you certainly know Rico Investimentos as one of the favorites among Brazilian brokerages, and which now gears up to offer a Rico credit card.

How does the Rico credit card work?

From what we understand, the Rico credit card will be an inferior version of the Visa Infinite already used on XP and still with zero annual fee. It is, in fact, the launch of a Rico digital account and the launch of the Rico Visa Infinite Zero Annuidade credit card.

The Rico credit card already comes with an approved limit, the possibility of making 6 additional cards and other advantages.

According to experts, at first, the Rico credit card should focus on customers with income above R$5,000. However, Rico Investimentos certainly wants to expand its credit analysis so that people with lower incomes can apply for the Rico credit card.

There is not much information about how the Rico credit card works, but applicants will be able, for example, to invest from it.

What are the advantages of using the Rico credit card?

See these main benefits of the Rico credit card for you, investor and customer:

  • Visa Infinite brand;
  • No annuity;
  • 6 additional from your Rico credit card;
  • digital version;
  • pre-approved limit;
  • Payment by approach;
  • Pay with a Rico credit card in all virtual wallets;
  • 0.5% investmentback.

The Rico credit card has Debit and Credit functions and with it, you can continue to make your purchases in physical stores or online, once it is accepted. on Samsung PayApple Pay and Google Pay.

All customers who hire the Rico credit card will be able to use their Digital Account, and also use the debit function with it.

In this way, the launch of the Rico credit card makes the company advance in being able to retain its customers in a marketplace or in a complete financial platform, even to pay their bills.

And, of course, being able to expand the way of receiving earnings after investing in fixed and variable income products.

What are the Rico credit card fees and charges?

Anyone who wants to hire the Rico credit card will also benefit from the absence of extra charges on their account. Look that:

  • Pix, ie free transfer, without fees for Rico credit card customers;
  • Easy payment;
  • salary portability;
  • Zero monthly fee;
  • 4 free withdrawals per month on the Banco 24h network.

According to the premise, the Rico credit card will make life even easier for investors who also need to control their financial life and everything in one place.

How to apply for the Rico credit card?

Check out this step-by-step guide on how to get on the waiting list and how to apply for a Rico credit card:

  • Register your e-mail, CPF and telephone number;
  • Invest at least BRL 1,000.00 inside Rico;
  • Confirm that you agree to receive communications from the company;
  • Wait for the credit review in the coming months.

So you can be further up the list and be one of the first to use the Rich Credit Card, according to the credit rating.

Where to apply?

The staff of brokerage Rico Investimentos launched an exclusive virtual address for those who want to apply for the Rico Visa Infinite credit card.

To do so, just click to enter the Rico credit card waiting list and purchase!

What is the Rico credit card call center?

Were you looking forward to having your Rico Visa Infinite Zero Annuity credit card? So, to find out more about the launch, as well as chat with the folks at Rico, feel free to get in touch with them.

What is the Rico credit card call center?

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Through the Rico credit card call center, you can answer all your questions, either by Whatsapp (+55 11 4935-2740), Rico portal, regional telephones (11 3003-5465 or 11 4007-2465) or through the ombudsman (0800-722-3730).

But remember that the Rico card hasn’t been released yet, so it’s worth staying up to date with our portal for future Rico credit card news and more detailed benefits in the coming months.

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