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Learn how to accept food stamps and food vouchers in your store!

Meal vouchers and food vouchers are part of the routine of millions of Brazilians who receive the right to eat at a restaurant, or to make purchases at establishments that accept cards.

It is a method that aims to facilitate payment and include everyone who passes by snack bars or stores.

What this article covers:

What is the difference between meal vouchers and food stamps?

The meal voucher is ideal for workers who want to eat in places with ready-to-eat food. In this case, one can mention restaurants, snack bars and even bakeries. It’s perfect for those who need to eat well, to maintain the quality of work after lunch.

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In the case of food vouchers, this is indicated for purchases in supermarkets or stores such as Americanas. The worker can make purchases of any type of food, as long as that particular establishment accepts the card.

Requirements for accepting food stamps and food stamps in your store?

The main requirement to accept meal vouchers and food vouchers is to observe whether you meet the main criteria of one of the two options. Only in this way will you be able to provide the service to people who pass by your establishment.

See: Meal voucher: ready meals, which can be either lunch or dinner.
Food stamps: foods that are sold packaged and are not usually ready-made.

It is convenient to observe if you have an establishment that behaves in one of two ways, in order to facilitate the worker’s life and provide the best meal or food service.

In this way, you will not lose customers and you will be able to increase the profits of your restaurant or business. For this reason, it is interesting to know which are the best card machines to work with meal tickets and food stamps.

What are the best machines to accept food stamps and food stamps?

For workers who have a card with the Alelo flag, they will be able to pay at Cielo, Safrapay, Sicredi, Rede, PagSeguro, Globalpayments, Stelo, Bin and Sipag machines.

If you are using a Ticket brand, you can pay at Cielo, Rede, Stone, Bin, Sicredi, Sigpag, Credicard and PagSeguro. These are the main machine companies that the owner of establishments can acquire.

In addition to these flags mentioned, there is VR and with it you can pay at machines from Cielo, Elavon, iFood, Liv Up, Rede, Stone, Vero, Onyo, Getnet and Rede. We can say that Cielo is one of the easiest machines to find in establishments.

Finally, we have Sodexo and this flag is accepted at Cielo, PagSeguro, Stone, Getnet, Safrapay, Globalpayments, Vero, Stone and Rede machines. Some of these we can observe in a variety of places, which aim to facilitate the daily lives of workers.

If you don’t have any of the machines, it’s interesting to have at least Cielo, which is practically “universal” and accepts any of the flags presented. In this way, you will be able to make a profit and provide an excellent service to all the people who pass by your restaurant or store.

What would be the fees for the Cielo machine?

The main doubt of merchants is this, and Cielo has rates of 2.39% in debit, and 4.99% in credit. It is ideal for saving money, and enjoying the benefits that the machine offers.

Not all of them offer low rates like Cielo, and if you need recommendations on the main one, this is the one we tell you. You can make a profit, and your customer will leave your establishment happy.

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