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Learn how the asteroid Chiron influences the signs of the zodiac

One of the bodies in the Solar System that has gained importance in recent years is Chiron. Discovered only in 1977, it was the first to be classified as a centaur, a half-human half-horse mythological creature, due to its hybrid characteristics of a comet and an asteroid. Although for ancient astrology it has no relevance, current astrologers believe that it has a lot of influence on the signs of the zodiac.

In astrological terms, Chiron is a potential planet because of its relevance in the natal chart. It represents the emotional wounds of the past, what we must heal and teaches us how to overcome ourselves.. Its orbit passes between the planet of discipline, Saturn, and Uranus, the rebel of the Solar System, so it symbolizes the point of balance between these two forces.

Astrologers quoted in an online New York Post article explain Chiron’s role as a bruise on the body, a wound that should not be pressed because it hurts, but tended to heal. These are emotional things that we repress because they hurt us, but we must accept them to project them.

In this way, your Chiron sign represents the healing work that you must do yourself and you will find relief in your polar sign. If you don’t know your Chiron sign, use an online calculator to find out, and then find out how it influences your destiny.

Chiron in Aries

Those with this location “swallow” their feelings instead of expressing them. They do it to be accepted, in addition, they tend to be isolated and punish themselves if they do not manage to be the first.

Chiron in Taurus

They may have problems with money, are unable to accept changes, and have a hard time getting ahead. Surrendering to the pleasures of life is your balm.

Chiron in Gemini

It is pain signal to be smart and communication. They struggle between two extremes, feeling less intelligent than others or being too intelligent. The lesson is to find the balance.

Chiron in Cancer

They fight against insecurity in themselves and the perception of threat, that is, when they feel out of place. They are usually the black sheep, so they have family problems.

Chiron in Leo

Those with this location cry out for recognition, are hungry for love, need to be loved, and are afraid of being ordinary. His balm is fighting with creativity.

Chiron in Virgo

They are obsessed with the idea of ​​perfection, which is why they can sometimes abandon a goal before starting out of fear of failure or not meeting expectations. They progress when they understand that failure is a form of learning.

Chiron in Libra

They measure their strength with the superiority of others and live worried about the pain of society. This location is a sign of indecision, fear of serious relationships, a tendency to personal neglect and feeling empty in solitude.

Chiron in Scorpio

They have problems of control, of power, they distrust love and the intentions of others. They tend to have negative thoughts and in relationships they tend to be controlling.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Those who have this placement in their natal chart may have trouble expressing themselves without being offensive. They can cling to a target intensely, but are capable of quickly abandoning it.

Chiron in Capricorn

They probably grew out of control as children so they were forced to mature before their time. They faced difficult situations before they were ready.

Chiron in Aquarius

They are like outsiders, they have no emotional attachments and isolate themselves from the world. They are strange people who find their strength precisely in their unique and original personality.

Chiron in Pisces

Represents the archetype of the victim, they escape from reality and evade responsibilities by hiding in a fantasy world. They believe they received an unfair life.

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