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Learn all about microentrepreneurs!

Currently, an area that has become very famous lately is entrepreneurship. Among the many varieties available within this niche, the most talked about for self-employed workers is precisely the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) and due to this fame, several people think of using this title as a job.

However, as it is a relatively new profession on the market, many people who dream of making a living from it have doubts about what to do and how to act. So let’s check out everything you need to know about MEIS in addition to commenting on whether or not it’s worth venturing into the profession.

What this article covers:

What is an easy MEI and what does it do?

First of all, it is necessary to define what is done in this profession. As we have already translated, the Individual Microentrepreneur is intended for street vendors, so the worker can even assume functions as a service provider, with a limit of 15 secondary activities and one main activity, functions in industry or in commerce.

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It is worth remembering that as the worker acquires the CNPJ via online, one of the necessary documents to be MEI, the subject ends up gaining some labor rights and some different advantages such as:

  • Exemption from certain taxes;
  • Easier to create bank accounts with reduced interest rates;
  • Retirement;
  • Maternity Allowance;
  • Leave in case of illness;
  • Social Security coverage;

Keep an eye out for any changes in the future.

Is it worth becoming an MEI?

As we commented there at the beginning, we will answer the following question: is it worth becoming a MEI? And the answer to that is yes, only if the worker puts a lot of effort into creating medium to long-term projects, which is why a lot of patience and resistance is needed to continue. If there is no focus, it is very likely a major frustration.

Soon, we reached the end! I hope that with all the information exposed so far, you understand once and for all what a MEI is and how it works. If you liked what you read, don’t forget to share it so that other people have access to the information and for other useful information in their daily lives, I invite you to do more reading on the posts on the site.

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