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Learn all about Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 will start on November 26th and will feature, a few days earlier, warm-ups prepared by famous stores known throughout Brazil, so that it will be possible to carry out price comparisons until the last Friday of this month.

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What date does Black Friday 2021 start?

Black Friday 2021 will start on November 26, 2021. This date manages to move the retail sectors as a whole, which strive to offer the best product, with different values, in order to get more public, sales and a better visibility into your business.

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Although services and stores seem to be the main focus of Black Friday, this is not the case, because the true protagonists of this date are consumers, who make larger purchases and take advantage of this period to buy products for Christmas.

What stores and consumers expect from Black Friday 2021?

According to surveys, about 63.9% of the people interviewed have the option of buying items that they have wanted for a long time. In this research another 29.9% of people assume that this date becomes ideal and easier to replace old items and guarantee a more current and beautiful model.

These promotions are still suitable for Christmas, as 17.3% intend to anticipate purchases for this date and another 6.3% will buy gifts to give on other dates, such as birthdays.

Learn how to identify reliable shopping sites on Black Friday 2021?

The first method to confirm that the store is, in fact, reliable, would be to consult the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) directly on the Federal Revenue website. To be able to know the information of the company and if it has any reputation, try to access the consumer.gov.br.

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Check if the URL is safe through the Pode Confiar website, which shows whether the page is true or misleading, to bring total reliability to consumers through the internet. This platform is able to verify an amount of one million websites that are still registered in the database.


Procon-SP is the most direct of all sites, because it brings on its page a list of several online stores that need to be avoided during Black Friday 2021, as they are linked to fraud problems during sales.

Black Friday 2021 will be the most important focus of the year for many people who are looking forward to this time in total anxiety and expectation of affordable prices in large stores. Therefore, it will be the ideal time to research the price range both online and in physical stores, to get an amplified sense of what will be most beneficial at that time.

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