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Learn about the advantages of Stelo Machines

Stelo Machines are one of the main options for card machines. The Company offers numerous varieties of machines, each with its particularity and options.

Having a card machine nowadays is a survival factor, as many people have started to adopt digital money and leave notes and coins behind. In some parts of the world, it is already difficult to find someone who does not use your card.

In this way, the market exploded with several card machine options, and due to this immense variety, we have brought below useful information about one of these card machine options, the Stelo Machines. Check out!

What this article covers:

What is Stella?

Stelo is a card machine company. In other words, a company that sells card reading machines in various ways to shopkeepers.

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There are different models, from the most robust ones, perfect for a busy establishment that requires fast transactions, connected to the local internet network, to smaller machines, ideal for self-employed people or people who need to move around.

Recently the company Stelo went through a merger with the company Cielo.

What are Stelo’s Machine options and their differentials?

Let’s now analyze Stelo’s Machine options, what are their main differences, advantages and for which audience they are intended:


Stelo’s Max machine is the most complete. It comes with support for a reel to print receipts – which can also be sent by email, has touchscreen technology and is linked to mobile data or a wi-fi network. This machine is ideal for larger and busier establishments.


The Mob machine is much smaller compared to the Max machine. Stelo’s Mob is more practical, dedicated to professionals who need mobility. She also doesn’t need cell phones like Max, however, she doesn’t have a coil and doesn’t even send proof by email.


The Stelo Mini is also a mobile machine, it is cheaper, however, it needs a cell phone, unlike the Stelo Mob. Your connection works via bluetooth, so it depends on your smartphone.

What do I need to register with Stelo?

Registering with Stelo is very simple! The company accepts registration from both individuals and legal entities, that is, it accepts both CPF and CNPJ.

What is needed to register at Stelo

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In addition, to register with Stelo, no bank account is required.

What are the benefits of Stelo machines?

Stelo has a wide variety of vending machines, serves the most varied brands in the market and sells its vending machines. In this form of business it is not necessary to pay any type of rent for them.

How much do Stelo Machines cost?

The Max model Stelo Machines can be purchased for BRL 778.80, or 12 times of BRL 64.90, the Stelo Mob for BRL 478.80, or 12 times of BRL 39.90, and the Mini for BRL 118.80, or 12 times of BRL 9.90.

Which flags does Stelo accept?

As we said, Stelo Machines receive the main flags of the market, such as:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercad;
  • Link;
  • Dinner Club;
  • Hipercard;
  • Hyper;
  • Allele.

Stelo machines also support meal ticket cards, however, this support is not standard and must be requested by the user.

For the request to be accepted, the user must have a CNPJ registered in the National Classification of Economic Activities as an establishment authorized to sell food.

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