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Learn 5 quick Feng Shui tips to invite abundance into your home

Achieving good Feng Shui in the home does not have to be complex, just follow some simple tips to invite abundance into the home. This Eastern philosophy tells us how to harmonize the spaces to have a correct flow of energy without investing a lot of time or money.

According to this system, when prosperity, abundance, love and tranquility do not come into our lives it could be because we are blocking the energy in some way. Following the recommendations of the specialized site, we offer you 5 simple and quick tips to have a good Feng Shui at home.

1. Main entrance

One of the most important spaces in the house is the main entrance door. That is where all the energies come in, so we must focus on making it flow correctly and only allow positive vibes to enter.

To achieve this we can place three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon hanging on the knob or latch that faces inside the house. Another tip is to not allow anything to prevent the door from opening fully and keep the main hallway clear of objects.

2. Order in the rooms

Something essential in Feng Shui is cleanliness and order. Set aside one day a week to pick up clutter, clean, and get rid of things you no longer use. If you do this often, try also rearranging the furniture to allow the energies to circulate. Remember that one of the main rules of this philosophy is “less is more”.

3. Locate the prosperity sector

This step is very simple, but powerful. Use your cell phone’s compass to locate the southeast corner of your house, which in Feng Shui symbolizes abundance. Set up a small altar with Chinese coins or a water fountain. You can also decorate with things you want to get in the future or a plant.

4. Fast Feng Shui for the bathroom and kitchen

The stove symbolizes abundance and wealth because we cook food there. Keep it as clean as possible and free of pots, trays and kettles. If possible, place a mirror to multiply the burners and cover the sink with a rubber band.

As for the bathroom, try to keep the lids of the toilets down, cover drains and sinks. When you can, decorate with yellow and beige things.

5. Patios, balconies and terraces

To create better flow in houses that have balconies, patios and terraces, they should locate the southeast side and adorn with bells, windmills, anything that spins, or evergreen planets like red or purple flowers.

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