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Leaking Christmas tree feet – a common moisture damage that can be avoided

Every year, the insurance company If receives a number of reports and questions about leaking Christmas tree feet that have caused damage to floors. Here’s how to avoid expensive surprises under the tree.

Christmas tree feet that leak under packages and carpets can be a really boring end to Christmas.
Many probably recognize that somewhat complicated watering, in between the branches in poor light where it is difficult to determine whether the Christmas tree base is full or not. There is a risk that the water will overflow, the Christmas tree carpet will become damp and the floor ruined. Broken or rusty Christmas tree feet that have hung around over the years can also be behind leaks.

– There can be quite serious moisture damage from a Christmas tree foot that is standing and leaking. In the worst case, these damages are not discovered until the tree is thrown out in January. Then a lot of work and expensive expenses await to restore the floor again, says Jenny Rudslätt, claims manager at If.

A leaking Christmas tree base is considered something that can actually be avoided from an insurance point of view. The protection in the home insurance therefore does not cover such an event – unless the damage is caused by the container suddenly and unexpectedly bursting.

– We receive notifications and questions about moisture damage under the tree every Christmas, and we find it difficult to provide financial compensation there. But there are good and easy ways to avoid these injuries. The most important thing is to keep track, and to protect the floor, says Jenny Rudslätt.

Tips to avoid problems with leaking Christmas tree feet

Place plastic protection under the Christmas tree mat.

Have a bigger Christmas tree base.

Feel how much water is in the container before filling and do not fill to the brim.

Keep an eye on the Christmas tree base for the first time after the water is filled.

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