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Laying floors, step by step

In the construction of the house, the owner usually hires specialized labor to lay the floors🇧🇷 This professional knows what materials to use and knows the technique for laying🇧🇷

To lay floors it is necessary to learn the technique. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Mortar selection and preparation

THE mortar used to lay floors will be chosen according to the type of environment. The AC1 product is recommended for indoor spaces that do not receive moisture. The AC2 type works for both outdoor and indoor areas that receive moisture. Finally, the AC3 is indicated for lay large pieces in places with heavy traffic.

Preparing the adhesive mortar is very simple, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Basically the process requires water until the material is transformed into a uniform mass without balls. You may also need to let the mortar sit for a few minutes before applying it.

Step by step to lay floors

Step by step laying floors. (Photo: Disclosure)

despite the placement of floors being a job that requires skill, those interested can also learn the technique. Check out the step-by-step below:

1. Make sure the surface is not uneven. Then clean up so the parts can be seated.

two. Moisten the subfloor, taking care not to soak it.

3. Apply mortar with a trowel on the subfloor.

4. Fix the floor in the desired location. Move it slightly to get the right position.

5. use a rubber mallet to tap lightly on the floor and ensure a good hold.

6. The use of spacers to separate the floors it is a good option. The size of each piece will depend on the measurements of the floor.

7. remove the excess mortar over the joints using a spatula.

8. With a damp cloth, clean the surface of the ceramic tiles until all grout residue is removed.

9. Repeat the process until the room is closed, and use an aluminum ruler to make sure the floors are even.

Tips for laying floors

For the settlement to be perfect, it is important to follow some tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check below some tips for laying floors at home🇧🇷

• The mortar must be applied in a maximum of 2h30.

• People working on the site will be able to walk around the newly coated area after 72 hours. Traffic for the general public will only be released after a week.

• No need to wet the ceramic or soak it the day before.

• Have a floor cutter to make cuts in the pieces when necessary.

•Each piece must have a minimal joint of 1.5mm. Larger joints are recommended for facades only.

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