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Laurel ritual in the wallet: what is it for and what is its secret

One of the rituals that some people use to be successful in health, money and love is keep a bay leaf in your wallet. It is said that this simple act is capable of ensuring your luck in any aspect, what is its secret?

The laurel is a plant that vibrates with the energy of triumph, power and wisdom.. Since ancient times, mainly in the Greek and Roman civilizations, it was used to distinguish people such as emperors, great warriors, athletes, and wise thinkers. It was like a reward for his mighty triumphs.

When placed in the wallet, it is in tune with the energy of money as it is the place where we keep bills, coins and credit cards. We take out our wallet every time we have to make a purchase or investment, so the laurel ensures that such spending is successful.

How to prepare the laurel ritual in the wallet?

Although it is a very simple ritual, you have to follow some steps to correctly activate the energy of money. You will need bay leaves and a red ribbon, a color that symbolizes protection and also vibrates with the energy of good luck.

Choose 3 bay leaves, each one represents health, money and love, respectively. Patiently tie the leaves with the ribbon held from the bottom. You can help with glue to make it easier for you and not break the leaves.

what follows is program this amulet. In a video on the Mystic Tarot YouTube channel, it is explained that this is done by taking it with the left hand and repeating your name 3 times, as well as the following prayer:

“In the name of God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit, I give this laurel the strength and power to help me in my life to always have infinite potential health, money and love. So it is, so it will be, and so it was.” Then pray 3 Our Fathers or Hail Marys.

Now that your laurel is programmed, you just have to put it in your wallet or purse to ensure your success in love, health and money, the 3 main axes of a person.

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