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Laura Zapata responds directly to those who criticize her for abusing filters on social networks

Laura Zapata she did not remain silent and once and for all responded to those who criticized her a few days ago for the excessive use of filters within social networkswhere she remains very active and is constantly attracting attention for her comments or images that she shares of her daily life and the projects in which she participates.

The sister of Thalia She was captured at the Mexico City airport from Peru, where she arrived after signing the film “La Peor de mis bodas 3”; but in addition to talking about her professional plans, she was also questioned about the criticism she recently faced on her official Instagram account for allegedly abusing the filters, because after sharing a photo in which she posed with Gabriel Soto, messages rained down in which they assured her She looks very different and they even compared her to Irina Baeva.

Friendly and with the sense of humor that characterizes her, the Mexican actress and producer defended herself against cruel accusations and, proud of her image, assured that she would continue to use technology to look good, because in the end the filters were made for that.

“Of course, my love, why did they make them? Do you use or not? Me too… why not me. Me with more reason, if I dedicate myself to this, ”she mentioned.

She was emphatic in responding to her detractors saying that there is nothing wrong with using these types of applications and she is willing to continue publishing these types of images.

“And? I put them how I feel like it, because I feel like it, because I buy them, because they are mine and my face and my career are very important”.

Laura Zapata

But when questioned about the possibility of resorting to surgeries to look permanently young, she explained that for now she would not have time to enter the operating room, as she is fulfilling various projects.

“What time? I have no time. Right now, I’ll come back, rest for a little while, and go to Colombia and then I’ll go back to Peru. Right now I am seeing another very interesting job proposal, ”she added.

In addition to coming out in defense of Paty Navidad after Niurka’s comments, who assured that she has several extra kilosZapata reiterated that she is not interested in what is said about her, because the rumors that are generated are because they are envious of her.

“It’s worth it, they live on it, (they point out) from courage, envy. The bigger you get, the higher you fly, the smaller they see you. I am not going to talk about people who do not interest me and who do not have the quality for me to talk about that person. They say that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman, what nonsense, that level of spiritual, ethical, moral development,” she concluded.

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