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Laura Zapata refuses to talk about Lucía Méndez and the possible lawsuit against her: “I am gagged”

Laura Zapata avoided talking about Lucía Méndez because she is threatened.

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Laura Zapata confesses that he is not afraid of threats from Lucia Mendezbut for now he prefers not to talk about the differences that arose in the reality show ‘Siempre Reinas’ because she is completely gagged.

On December 13, Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel received a warning from the legal team that represents Lucía Méndez, who through a statement reported that the actress was willing to file a lawsuit through criminal, civil and administrative proceedings in case that her former colleagues from the reality show “Siempre Reinas” continued to make fun of her and insisted on using her image in the television programs they attend, as well as through social networks.

In this regard, Laura Zapata refused to answer questions from the press because she is threatened.

“I am gagged because I cannot speak, because somehow everything was changed so that this was talked about and not what is seen (in reality). I can’t talk, no!, no! I’m threatened.”

Laura Zapata

He explained that he is not interested in continuing with the subject and prefers to be “caution” with the repression he received along with Sylvia Pasquel, since it is “a big screen to stop talking about what happened in the reality show, about what everyone saw and can continue to see”, so she did not hesitate to invite her to see ‘Siempre Reinas’.

During the interview that was shared by the journalist Eden Dorantes, the sister of Thalia revealed that it was planned to record a second season of said program in the month of February, but due to the projects that both she and her colleagues Sylvia Pasquel and Lorena Herera have, they decided to decline the invitation that Netflix made to the four of them.

In addition to assuring that, unfortunately, everything that has happened is real, he confessed that he prefers to talk about more important things, for which he praised his career and that of his other two companions, emphasizing that they do not need to get into controversy with anyone to attract attention.

“I don’t need to answer anything, I think that Sylvia, Lorena and I are three great personalitiesgreat actresses who have a great career and we don’t have to be in bickering with anyone, “he added.

And he refuses to “smoke the pipe of peace” assuring that he is blunt in his decisions and is not interested in continuing to talk about what happened, but yes, he makes it clear that he is not afraid of anything.

The actress, singer and producer is preparing to star in the film ‘The worst of my weddings 3’ in Peru, in addition to traveling to Colombia to participate in the reality show ‘MasterCheff VIP International’.

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