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Laura Zapata confesses that she is willing to work with Thalía: “If they call me and pay me well”

Laura Zapata / Thalia.

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The distance between Laura Zapata Y Thalia seems to have no fix; nevertheless, this would not be reason enough for them to work together againas revealed by the soap opera villain during a recent meeting with the Mexican press.

Thalía’s relationship with her sister Laura Zapata ended due to the series of statements that the villain of “María Mercedes” made with Yolanda Andrade when the latter accused her of living thanks to the money that her famous sister sent her for the maintenance of her grandmother . And although Zapata publicly asked the interpreter of “Marimar” to stop her and deny what was said about her, it all ended with a telephone block to avoid further problems.

After the family fracture, Laura Zapata confirmed to the media that she would be willing to work with Tommy Mottola’s wifebut as long as it is well paid.

“I am an actress and I am open, of course, If they call me and pay me, and they pay me well, yes, well yes. Oh, it doesn’t matter, I don’t have any ties, I don’t have: ‘Oh no, not with this one!’, no, hold on to the rod… Hold on to the massacre! Because if you are going to see intellectual tet to tet, then I’ll go there”, she expressed in the interview taken up by the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

But the conditions do not only apply to working with her sister, as she assured that she also has no problem collaborating during a second season of “Siempre Reinas” with Lucía Méndez, with whom she had some differences in the first episodes.

“Obviously I will participate, so if you want to find us I’m going to give you the eight, If they want us to have a meeting, then they will attend the massacre“, pointed out the producer, who ruled that after the success of the reality show, she has every right to demand the same as her colleagues, so she will also ask for a raise to participate in a second season because “now times change, it has been a success, so well, one is definitely climbing”.

Finally, the antagonist of ‘La Gata’ opened her heart to confess that she misses her grandmother, Eva Mange, a lot, and this Christmas season will be “bittersweet”, since it is the first year that she has spent without the woman who raised her as his own daughter.

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