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Laura Zapata assures that the phrases she shares have no dedication to Lucía Méndez

Laura Zapata reacts to a possible lawsuit by Lucía Méndez.

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After it became known that Lucía Méndez is willing to initiate legal action against Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel due to the recent criticisms they made about his person and career, it was speculated that the sister of Thalia He continued to throw hints through social networks, but in the face of speculation the actress clarified that his sentences have no dedication And they are just thoughts that occur to you during the day.

last December 13 Laura Zapara and Sylvia Pasquel received a warning by the legal team representing Lucia Mendezwho through a statement reported that the actress was willing to initiate a lawsuit through criminal, civil and administrative proceedings in the event that her former colleagues from the reality show “Siempre Reinas” continued to mock her and make use of her image in the programs television to those who attend, as well as through social networks.

After the warning was issued, attention was placed on Laura Zapata who shared on her Instagram and TikTok profiles a series of videos with phrases that, for many followers, were hints for the soap opera diva.

That is why the villain of ‘María Mercedes’ did not hesitate to share a brief clip in which clarified that the phrases that he continually shares do not have a dedication for no one in particular as was speculated, and that it is only about thoughts that you have throughout the day.

“Hello friends, I am not with my phrases addressing anyoneit is only what occurs to me during the day, at the moment ”, he explained in a brief recording that was reproduced on said social profiles.

He also accompanied his clarification with the phrase: “I want to tell you that the one who can, can and the one who can’t, then criticizes”, unleashing a series of comments in which his followers agreed with him and applauded his sense of humor.

Other phrases such as: “The truth only bothers those who appear to be what they are not” or “I am sure that life will take care of putting every clown in his circus and every queen on her throne. What do you think? ”, They also appear in her gallery, confirming that she is definitely not afraid of being sued.

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