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Laura Flores attacks those who have criticized her for her aesthetic arrangements: “They get into what they don’t care about”

Laura Flores she did not remain silent in the face of the wave of criticism that she has been the target of for a few monthsthis after she opened her heart and opened up about the “arrangements” she has undergone to maintain an enviable appearance.

In an interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’, the actress of melodramas such as “To the Devil with the Handsome” and “I will always love you” slapped those who have expressed their opinion about her physique with a white glove.

“I would tell people who are criticizing that they get into what they don’t care about,” Laura Flores responded forcefully. after being questioned about her opinion about the commotion she has caused with her statements.

In addition, the famous 59-year-old took the opportunity to talk about her plans for 2023, revealing that everything is ready for her relaunch as a singer. She stressed that one of his first steps into the music scene will be his participation in the musical show ‘Grandiosas’where you can perform some of your old hits and present your new record material

“We are going to make a lot of music. I am focused on the music, ”she pointed out. “Happy because it was time! There is ‘Don’t hurt me’, the theme, I keep promoting it. I’m doing a lot of work. We are doing a lot of promotion“.

Finally, Laura Flores opened up about the challenge of living in the United States and constantly traveling to Mexico to continue her career as an actress and singer. In this regard, she indicated that “you get used to it, like now that I have been living in Colombia for six months because I was making a soap opera and you learn and thank life that you have those opportunities to see this diversity of cultures and worlds.”

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