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Laura Bozzo reveals that she lived through a “time of terror”, but is criticized for abusing filters

Laura Bozzo confessed that after living a “time of terror” that he managed to overcome in ‘The House of the Famous‘ closes the year with strength to be reborn, so he shared a photo to wish his Instagram followers a Merry Christmas, but It ended up causing criticism to rain down on him for abusing the filters.

The controversial Peruvian presenter has used her social networks to mock the criticism she constantly receives, for which she has even been called a “mummy” and has faced the comments by undergoing various aesthetic treatments, from ice on the face until botox injectionsbut without a doubt one of the remedies that has given her great results is makeup, so she has not hesitated to show off how spectacular she looks with the help of her team of experts.

This is how he once again shared through his Instagram account a photograph in which he appeared looking several years younger, a detail that he thanked his makeup artist, because according to his own words the image is one of his favorites this year that he is to finish since it reflects a Laura Bozzo who managed to survive a difficult stage thanks to the Telemundo reality show.

“My favorite photo of 2022 thanks to the makeup of Daniel Lezama and after a time of terror from which I came out in The House of Famous“, wrote.

In addition, Miss Laura pointed out that in many of the images she could be seen destroyed because she was “coming out of a great depression” but there she also found the strength to be reborn and start over, so she is willing to live 2023 to the fullest.

“It is decreed that 2023 will be my return year with everything,” he wrote next to the postcard in which he took the opportunity to wish his followers a Merry Christmas.

However, the cruel remarks also reappeared in the publication, as his detractors did not hesitate to claim him for the excessive use of filters that reflect that he is not accepted as he is.

“You have to leave so much filter”, “Show off your wrinkles, that will make you look like a lady, but with so much filter it makes you sad”, “Thanks to the makeup and the filter that now make you look like 20″, ” You look like you are 25 years old,” some users wrote.

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