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Laura Bozzo cried with Adamari López upon returning to La Casa de Los Famosos

The presenter of Today, Adamari Lopeza surprise appeared on the set of The House of the Famous in Mexico Just days after the third season of the reality show of Telemundo. There several of its former members met to talk about their experiences in the past. Laura Bozzo it was one of them.

As soon as the sister entered, she yelled and burst into tears with her arms open: “Ayyyyy my house, my house…”. Adamari Lopez He stressed that he wanted her to enjoy it because she knew that it had cost her many tears, but that it also meant a lot in the life of Laura Bozzo. Specifically after the last problems she had had with the IRS in Mexico.

The Peruvian referred to her former teammates present Raphael Nieves, Salvador Zerboni and Luis Potro Caballero as their “babies”. Her emotion was so great that she herself referred to this with her war cry: “what happens the wretch“. He something that to what Adamari Lopez joked that she wouldn’t say that.

The truth is that the popular Miss Laura talked about how The House of the Famous it gave him an air after having lived through moments of terror, great depression, in a certain way an exile and the legal battle he had with the treasury. Despite the clashes and difficult coexistence, Laura Bozzo draws a positive balance from everything he experienced on a professional and personal level in his path in the reality show.

Of course, as we already know, he gave his opinion of some of the members of this third season of LCDLF: Patty Christmas, Osmel Sousa, john rivera, Aylin Mujica and the rest. Unleashing controversy as always but having lots of fun for everyone around him.

Without a doubt, a good kick of luck for this new season that begins in just days and just after the end of Exatlón United States All Stars which will be on Monday, January 16.

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