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Laura Bozzo confesses on Instagram that she will have plastic surgery

Laura Bozzo generates attention again after being determined and revealing that everything is ready to undergo a new plastic surgery. The Peruvian television presenter stated: “The Mummy Rewind Returns”explaining that he returned to his past look of straight hair and that he does not intend to use “ram hair” anymore.

In this same clip, Laura Bozzo He assured that he was not using any type of filter and that the wrinkles on his face were visible, but that they will disappear shortly because he is planning go through the operating room and put a knife to your wrinkles.

Of course, this announcement generated mixed comments from users of instagramWell, while some supported the former member of the reality show Telemundo The House of the Famous, 2, Laura BozzoOthers criticized her and even asked her to locate herself and assume her age: “Accept your age ma’am”, Enough of surgeries Laura”, “You’re going to look like Lyn May”.

But, not only the straight hair of the Peruvian returns, but also her popular show Que Pase Laura: “We already have the first 20 themes combined with journalistic ones, in addition to the fact that I will go out to the streets to solve the cases,” said the presenter with great emotion .

During the last months, the creator of the popular phrase “What happens to the wretch!” It has made hundreds of headlines. Her participation in the second season of The House of the Famous she did not go unnoticed even though she failed to reach the final.

The 70-year-old woman lived with more than 16 Spanish-speaking artists under the same roof for almost three consecutive months. This generated fights, funny episodes, memes, but above all it brought back the love of his public.

In the Telemundo reality showthe also lawyer was somewhat uncomfortable having to learn to live with unknown people, put aside her luxuries and start taking care of herself.

“A week after leaving the house, I want to thank the public for their love. I am proud of how good and bad I am, you can love me or hate me for the same reason, ”she commented before leaving her.

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