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Launch in the financial market favors investments in 2022

Investing in emerging companies with great growth potential is a way of diversifying and increasing investor returns. Recently approved by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), BEE4 is a project whose proposal is to facilitate access to this type of asset. The start of operations was authorized for March of next year, with the deadline for completion of all infrastructure scheduled for March 2023.

Developed by beegin in partnership with the Interbank Payments Chamber (CIP) and Finchain, this is an organized over-the-counter market that will bring together companies with revenues between R$ 10 million and R$ 300 million, according to the creators.

The assets will be represented by blockchain network tokens, a technology recognized for offering greater digital security for financial transactions. Trading will be done through the BEE4 platform.

The initiative may heat up the alternative investment market and, thus, open space for medium-sized companies to access the capital market.

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regulatory sandbox


BEE4’s operations will be within the scope of the CVM’s regulatory sandbox. As the institution itself defines, this environment has an experimental nature. Participants are authorized to act in the development of innovations for the capital market. During this period, they receive guidance from the CVM, which is also responsible for monitoring the work carried out.

BEE4 is one of the three projects approved in the first edition of the participant admission process for the CVM regulatory sandbox. The other two are from Basement Soluções de Captação e Registro and from the companies Vórtx Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários and Vórtx QR Tokenizadora.

According to the CVM, the Basement project proposes to provide services as a bookkeeper for small companies that have already carried out or plan to carry out a public offering in accordance with the rules established by CVM Instruction 588.

The Vórtx project focuses on the issuance, public distribution and trading of debentures and closed-end fund shares, as provided in CVM Instruction 476. The document deals with the public offering of securities distributed with restricted effort and trading on regulated markets.

According to CVM data, 33 projects were sent for the process of admission of participants to the regulatory sandbox. Of this total, 26 were considered unfit and four were refused.

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