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Latino screenwriters, Netflix is ​​looking for them • ENTER.CO

Although in Colombia we have a platform for Latin American movies and series, the big streaming industries such as Amazon, Netflix and HBO Max have also focused on our countries. We have seen some movies and series based on events that happened in Colombia, also starring Latino actors.

Following the desire to maintain this type of content, Netflix has launched a call for Latino screenwriters. Through the Latin List, an association that seeks content in our language written by people residing in the United States. This list features promising scripts written by Latin American screenwriters; we find works based on the experiences of our continent such as the experience of immigrants, literary adaptations and stories based on real events.

The company expects to select five original feature films and five original pilot scripts. Those interested will be able to participate in the 2022 Latin List from now until next September 2. Netflix ensures that successful candidates will be notified a few days after the submission window closes. If you want to be one of the Latino screenwriters, you can apply to the Latino List.

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“We are delighted to partner with The Black List, ULP, NALIP and the Latin Tracking Board on this initiative,” said Pete Corona, Director of Drama Development for Netflix. “Great storytellers are the cornerstone of great content and this further solidifies Netflix’s commitment to delivering inclusive stories from the US Latino community.”

Requirements to apply

  • Writers must be Latino and currently reside in the US
  • Any type of story is eligible and will be considered.
  • All scripts must have a Latinx character in a prominent lead role.
  • Scripts can be bilingual as long as they are written primarily in English.
  • Original feature films, half-hour and one-hour pilots, without webseries or documentaries are considered.
  • All experience levels considered for submitting writers.
  • Writing teams are eligible as long as one team member identifies as Latinx.
  • Submitted scripts should be as free of attachments as possible.

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