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Latam in deficit of programmers, but also of bilingual professionals • ENTER.CO

Juan Pablo Cartoy is CEO of the Readymind technology consultancy and is a member of Microsoft Partners. This means that it offers solutions and technological products of this company to different companies in Latin America, in order to respond to the different needs of the market that they must face every day and that, therefore, require fast, efficient professional responses. and safe.

Cartoy has covered different markets, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia; so his experience has confirmed that, in terms of technology, the region not only has a deficit in the training of software developers, but also in the preparation of bilingual professionals.

Talent in technology and bilingual staff: the ideal combination

Satya Nadella, who is the current CEO of Microsoft, said it well at the Build 2022 developer event, when he talked about how today, data collection and management are core activities that any company must do to thrive: “ all companies are technology companies.”

This vision has begun to be understood in Colombia, where, according to figures from La República, between April and June 2021, the GDP left by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) increased by 10% compared to the same 2020 period.

Only 13.5% of Colombian professionals in the ICT sector speak English

However, and despite the fact that nearly 152,000 jobs were created in the industry last year in Colombia, there is still a significant challenge in terms of mastering English as a second language, since it is estimated that only 13.50% of professionals with technological profiles in the country speak it.

The above scenario is counterproductive if one takes into account that, although these profiles are better valued in the market, the lack of language preparation forces companies to cover the growing demand with foreign talent.

Alberto Samuel Yohai, president of the Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CCIT), said in an interview for Portafolio that, although the ICT sector currently adds more than 416,000 jobs in the country, it is a matter of time before it begins to be felt. a significant shortage of truly qualified professionals that will be needed in dependencies such as big data, cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain: areas, where more than 85% of the vacancies that are generated, contemplate the domain of a second as a requirement language, which in most cases is English.

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