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Lanzi Ceramic Flooring

Lanzi Ceramic Flooring – Lanzi ceramic is the perfect material to clad the house, able to build resistant and aesthetically beautiful surfaces. The brand is recognized in the area of ​​construction materials and in recent years has innovated the product catalog, reproducing the main market trends.

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Lanzi Ceramic Flooring

Since 1961, Lanzi has played an important role in the manufacture of flooring, seeking to innovate according to architectural styles. The company is not only successful in the national market, but also exports its products to 20 countries. A worldwide reference, Lanzi ceramics elegantly complement different interior styles.

Lanzi flooring collections combine with modern environments, being able to customize spaces. Each piece contributes to the decoration in a special way, composing a horizontal coating tailored to each room. Not to mention that Lanzi ceramics are developed with the best materials and assume a high quality standard.

to manufacture Lanzi ceramic floors, the company works with high technology and has a highly regarded team of employees to handle the production stages. The professionals who take care of creating the pieces are also renowned, capable of working with various trends and innovating the aesthetic standard of the brand each season.

Over almost 50 years, Lanzi has evolved impressively and has reproduced the innovations in its product catalogue. The company develops elegant, sophisticated and modern pieces that contribute to the beauty of homes. The manufacturer is also committed to the functionality of its floors, which is why it values ​​resistance, perfect fitting and work with the best type of raw material.

Lanzi floor models🇧🇷

Muretto Silver

51x103cm | Rectified porcelain tiles | satin

Vanguard Deco Graffiti

51x103cm | Rectified Wall | satin

Vanguard Deco Ivory

51x103cm | Rectified Wall | satin

Boulevard White

51x103cm | Rectified porcelain tiles | satin

Lanzi Floor Values

O Lanzi ceramic coating it is considered one of the most beautiful on the flooring market, thanks to the delicate finish. The design of the pieces varies according to consumer expectations, and the brand innovates in the production of special pieces to accompany contemporary architecture. In this way, Lanzi is not afraid to develop floors with unusual shapes, colors and designs.

Lanzi offers floors of all sizes and colors through its Elegance, HardTech, Landscape, Lounge, Neolitic collections, among others. In case you don’t know where to buy Lanzi flooringsearch in the best construction material stores or contact the manufacturer at “Contact Us Lanzi” and find out the address of the nearest dealer. O average price of lanzi floor it varies according to the model, it is between R$ 29.90 and R$ 122.90.

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