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Landscaping Trends 2013

Landscaping is a set of techniques used to create landscaped areas, who value comfort and beauty. The work normally involves botanical elements and recognizes climate changes in each region.

The novelties in landscaping make the garden more beautiful and comfortable. (Photo: Disclosure)

You landscaping knowledge are mainly applied in planning of squares and gardens🇧🇷 The responsible professional evaluates how the landscapes will be assembled and seeks to harmonize the aesthetic elements, such as trees, lawns, fountains, flowerbeds and benches.

Each season the landscaping trends are modified. The main events of the sector present the news and immediately influence the development of contemporary landscape projects.

Landscaping stands out as something cyclical, that is, trends are always being resumed. There are plants that are no longer used to decorate the house, others were forgotten for a while and now they are back with everything.

What this article covers:

Landscaping: trends for 2013

Landscaping projects for residential gardens incorporate the main trends in the sector, with the aim of increase contact with nature and offer peace of mind to residents.

Check below some landscaping trends 2013 that can be used in gardens, terraces, balconies, among other spaces.

The vertical garden is a strong trend. (Photo: Disclosure)

vertical garden
The vertical garden is one of the main landscaping trends🇧🇷 He takes advantage of the available wall space to expose the plants and explore the green elements. Compact and modern, the vertical garden is perfect for environments with little space.

resumption of the past
In the 70s, the fern was the darling of landscapers. After staying away from trends for a while, it has finally come back to mainstream vertical gardens. Other plants are also being rescued from the past, such as Dracena Pau D’água, Cipó Imbé, Maranta and Croton.

exploration of the senses
Landscape projects are looking to explore the senses to provide well-being. In addition to the vision being attracted by nature, the sense of smell is also able to appreciate the scent of plants. To complete synesthesia, it is worth mentioning the noise of the water fountain, which stimulates hearing.

The pergola has been valued by landscaping. (Photo: Disclosure)

The pergola is a simple and charming structure that allows you to enhance the garden. It allows you to create a pleasant space to read, chat or enjoy a good chat.

Colorful in contrast to the rustic
This trend of combining flashy colors with rustic pieces is valued mainly through the choice of furniture.

The best way to set up a landscaping project within trends is to hire a specialized professional. There is also the possibility of taking a free landscaping technical course to acquire specific knowledge.

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