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Landscaping – Landscape architecture

Landscaping – Landscape architecture is what you are looking for? So know that this area has become increasingly prosperous. Many architects are specializing in the construction of gardens and landscape environments, all to serve a segment that is growing every day.

Landscaping – Landscape architecture. (Photo: Disclosure)

The landscaper is a professional who designs, develops and renovates public or private gardens. Landscape knowledge can be applied in buildings, parks, squares, zoos, recreation spaces, among other environments. Anyone who wants to set up a beautiful and sophisticated garden at home can also hire the services of a landscaper.

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What this article covers:

Landscaping – Landscape architecture

Landscaping, also known as landscape architecture, is nothing more than a set of techniques that serve to innovate the appearance of free areas. The professional specialized in this area develops the architectural project taking into account the preservation of the environment.

Furniture, vases and plants are part of the landscaping. (Photo: Disclosure)

Landscape architecture helps to choose the best plants to grow in a space, so that the vegetation is able to enhance the architectural project. It is up to the professional to think about the sculptures that will be worked on in the area, the type of grass, the shape of the beds and the installation of any other element related to landscaping, such as concrete benches and fountains.

The landscaper’s mission is always to create a cozy, pleasant and invigorating space. A place capable of combining aesthetic and scenic aspects, which has nature as its protagonist.

landscape architecture tips

do you like Landscaping – Landscape architecture🇧🇷 Want some suggestions to beautify the outside area of ​​the house? So here are some tips:

variety of plants

The secret to creating a beautiful space with landscaping is to bet on the variety of plants. There are many species that can be used to create your green area, such as fern, star ivy, bridal veil, pendant asparagus, staghorn and snake’s beard.

There is no shortage of furniture for relaxing in the garden. (Photo: Disclosure)

furniture to relax

To enjoy the tranquility of nature and rest, the space needs furniture that favors relaxation and good conversation. The sunbeds are perfect for the garden, as well as the iron tables and chairs, which give the environment a bucolic atmosphere.

living sculptures

When it comes to landscaping, living sculptures are becoming more and more popular. The topiary technique consists of creating true works of art by pruning trees and plants. It is possible to create stunning scenarios with animals, geometric figures, mystical characters and labyrinths.

Living sculptures stand out in the garden. (Photo: Disclosure)

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lighted paths

Lighting is a way to enhance the garden’s landscaping. You can, for example, bet on the construction of illuminated paths with beacons.

waterfalls and fountains

If you want to give the garden a more sophisticated look, then it is worth considering installing a waterfall or fountain.

Landscaping Photos

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Talk to an architect and present your ideas for Landscaping – Landscape architecture🇧🇷 It is worth remembering that this professional has the necessary knowledge to develop and monitor the execution of the landscape project.

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