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Laminate Flooring On Sale, Where To Buy

Laminate Flooring On Sale, Where To Buy: Laminate flooring represents a new trend in the area of ​​construction materials, being the main choice for covering living rooms and bedrooms. To create a beautiful aesthetic effect, the wooden pieces undergo a special treatment and become superior to the solid floor.

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Laminate Flooring On Sale, Where To Buy

Several advantages are associated with the use of the laminate flooring in construction, which is why the sale of parts is being successful in all reseller stores in Brazil. Ecologically correct, with low cost and easy installation, laminate flooring proves to be superior to batting and flooring, which are made of solid wood.

Consumers are often in doubt about the Difference between laminate and wood flooring, but there are several features that distinguish the two forms of coating. The laminated pieces have high pressure, are manufactured by impregnating the paper with resins and have a unique body. Traditional wood flooring, on the other hand, does not undergo an appropriate coating treatment and requires finishing steps after installation. While laminate flooring is usually fixed to the ground with an appropriate glue, wooden flooring requires a nailed structure.

The search for laminate flooring on offer has increased in the construction market, after all, people recognize the benefits of this style of coating. In stores you can find two types of laminate flooring: wooden (made of natural wood, coated with varnish) and high-traffic (made from scratch-resistant HDF).

Laminate Flooring Prices

To know the values ​​of each piece of laminate flooring, it is necessary to prepare a budget according to the needs of the work. According to the measurements of the environment, a number of floors will be stipulated and thus the cost of the coating. Each store adopts its criteria to make the budget, so it is necessary to do research in more than one reseller.

In a room measuring 7m x 6m = 42.00 m2, for example, we have the following values:

with a drop of 6% 44.52 (m2) R$ 35.00 (unit price) for R$ 1,558.20
with an 8% drop 45.36 (m2) R$ 35.00 (unit price) for R$ 1,587.60
with a 10% drop 46.20 (m2) R$ 35.00 (unit price) for R$ 1,617.00
with a 12% drop 47.04 (m2) R$ 35.00 (unit price) for R$ 1,646.40

If in doubt about where to buy laminate flooring, it is worth knowing the good prices at the Leroy Merlin store. This network of building materials sells laminated parts from the best brands and has units distributed throughout Brazil. Check the products in the catalog on the official website Leroy Merlin and request a quote online.

Other online stores also offer laminate flooring, see other stores below:


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