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Lalo Spain does not close the doors to love 10 years after the death of his partner

Since Ranferi Aguilar lost his life 10 years ago, the actor Eduardo Ramírez Velázquez, better known in the artistic environment as Lalo España, has not found another partner with whom to redo his sentimental life.

“She is an angel who came into my life and taught me great lessons. He died at the age of 28 ”, he mentioned at the time.

Apart from a couple of amorous illusions that he has had, which did not come to fruition, because as the man from Guadalajara admits they have been with people of different sexual preferences than his, there is no one in his heart so far.

“Suddenly there have been illusions, but notice that I fell in love with people who don’t go in my living room. In other words, people who don’t have my preferences, so I say ‘it’s a pity you’re someone else, Too bad you have your deviations and you like the old ones, son of your…’”, he jokingly pointed out during an interview with Matilde Obregón for her YouTube channel.

At 51 years old, the comedian points out that due to how difficult it is for him to think of a new relationship where jealousy and insecurities can arise, He has chosen to concentrate on his career, where he lives through a stage that is quite a load of work.

“I only need to sell moles on Sundays. It is a difficult race, but I take it with a lot of fun, I am happy to do it, it excites me. I take life with humor,” he stressed.

Waiting to close the year in a calm way and accompanied by his loved ones in his native Guadalajara, Lalo España assures that the greatest wealth that he can boast this year is to continue living to enjoy the emotions that destiny has prepared for him.

“How many things do you have to be thankful for; you survived a pandemic, you have a family, you are healthy, you are alive, you have fun, you do what you like, there are people who make your day… they make my life, they stimulate me, ”he said.

It should be noted that the most recent work of the multifaceted actor was to fill the sports segments that he televised during the World Cup in Qatar with humor, where he managed to make young and old laugh by characterizing characters such as Sheikh Ayatole and Tamale.

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