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Lacquer furniture: tips, photos

Choosing home furniture is a complicated task, after all, there are many options in the furniture market. When defining the pieces that best match each environment, residents need to take into account the combination with the other elements and functionality.

The lacquered furniture came back with everything in the decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Furniture stores are always innovating the stock of products and betting on new trends. Recently, the market once again presented the lacquer furniturea category that was successful at other times, but is making a comeback in the world of decoration.

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What this article covers:

What is lacquer furniture?

You lacquered furniture differ from conventional ones because of the finish. The pieces are coated with a material called shellac, capable of transforming the look of the wood and accentuating its shine.

formerly, the lacquering it was done without much daring, just to leave the pieces with a smooth touch and a shiny appearance. The furniture was finished in neutral colors, such as white and black. Over time, the lacquer pieces went out of fashion and soon became tacky choices. The return of the trend only happened thanks to the heyday of colorful furniture.

Lacquer writing desks. (Photo: Disclosure)

The lacquered furniture invests in a diversity of colors, but the tones that are on the rise are yellow, beige, turquoise and magenta🇧🇷 In short, the pieces gain prominence in decoration because they run away from the basics and explore the boldness that exists in strong and vibrant colors.

THE colored lacquer is responsible for making the environment more cheerful, energized and alive. However, residents must use specific pieces to compose each environment, otherwise balance and harmony are compromised.

Many different types of furniture may feature at least one part of the design coated with lacquer, as is the case of the coffee table, chest of drawers, sideboard, nightstand, dining table, bench, shelf, desk, among others.

Lacquered furniture can be found in various colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

If the resident wants to make a more discreet, sober and well-behaved decoration, he can opt for lacquered furniture in beige, gray, white or black. On the other hand, if the purpose of the furniture is to attract attention, then the best choice is to use colorful furniture.

How to care for lacquered furniture?

Lacquer furniture cannot be exposed to sunlight and rain. It’s also important to make a habit of cleaning them with a dry or damp soft cloth. To preserve the surface shine, keep the color vivid and remove scratches, it’s worth polish with automotive wax. The application must happen every six months.

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Pictures of lacquered furniture

See below for a selection of lacquered furniture pictures🇧🇷

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