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La Opinión Hoy: The other narratives of Superbowl LVII; Carin León sees the fruits of her labor

The teams that will participate in the event are already defined

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Last Sunday, January 29, the teams that will play the LVII edition of the Superbowl, which will take place next Sunday, February 12, at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, were defined.

The Philadelphia Eagles gave another demonstration of their power by beating the San Francisco 49ers handicapped by injury to several of their players.

Thus, they were awarded the National Conference championship, while Cincinnati and Kansas City Chiefs ended with the victory of the latter, to establish themselves as monarchs of the American Conference and return to Super Sunday, after a year of absence.

This year, the most important sporting event in the United States, brings some interesting aspects, which go beyond the sporting level. It will be the first time, the duel between Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes will provide the first Superbowl where the quarterbacks of both teams will be of African-American origin.

Also, it will be the first time that two brothers face each other, the cases of Jason and Travis Kelce.

The Super Bowl brings another great story, the Chiefs have reached the final of the American Conference for five consecutive years, and have obtained 3 wins, making them the most dominant team on the circuit in recent years.

His coach, Andy Reid, has been a determining factor, but you have to remember that the Eagles are precisely the team he led before taking over Kansas.

His tenure with both teams yields an impressive record of ten conference finals played and is the first coach to win 10 playoff games with two different teams, he is one of the great NFL coaches of all time.

Finally, Superbowl LVII will have an important element of Latino participation, Lucinda ‘la Morena’ Hinojosa will be the first Chicana and aboriginal artist to produce art in collaboration with the NFL and was in charge of creating the art that will be on the tickets representing history indigenous in the series.

Carin León: What you sow is reaping

Carin Leon sees her effort reflected by positioning herself as number 1 on US radio, this on the Mexican music list at Billborad. The Sonoran also rises in 7 categories in the next one, Premios Lo Nuestro, the categories that stand out are: Artist of the Year with the single “How I did it”, as well as Male Artist of the Year, Regional Mexican Revelation, Regional Song of the Year Mexican, for Eyes Closed, collaboration of the Mexican Regional Year, among other categories.

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