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“La Opinión Hoy”: the “Negreira Case” overshadows FC Barcelona

Barcelona Football Club offices.

Photo: LLUIS GENE / AFP / Getty Images

In Spain, a dark cloud continues to overshadow the path of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​now it has been announced that the Prosecutor’s Office has requested with the two former coaches: Luis Enrique and Ernesto Valverde to testify as witnesses in the case popularly known as “Negreira”.

Basically, the Prosecutor’s Office tries to clarify to what extent these supposed dossiers were useful, since in the complaint that was presented last Friday FC Barcelona was accused of trying to obtain favorable arbitrations through payments to Enriquez Negreira.

In the past, the Catalan institution paid more than $7 million dollars for 17 years to the vice president of the Referees Committee in order to obtain detailed reports on the whistlers.

Ernesto Valverde in the press conference declared about this situation and pointed out: “In Barcelona I didn’t even know they existed. He had no idea about all this ”.

Luis Enrique, who in recent years was Spain’s coach and directed the last World Cup in Qatar 2022 with La Rojano, has so far spoken publicly about the case.

Goodbye to a legend of Mexican cinema

The death of Don Ignacio López Tarso at 98 years of age caused the world of entertainment to remember the first actor with affection and many anecdotes

The actor of well-known projects that reached the Oscar as “Macario” died after spending almost a week in the hospital. After he was hospitalized on March 3.

Well, he was diagnosed with pneumonia that had previously afflicted him in 2022, in addition to having an intestinal occlusion.

But what flatly did not leave him alone was pneumonia that worsened his health significantly.

Firm Group Earnings

In a few years, firm group It has established itself as one of the most important Mexican groups by performing at Coachella and breaking attendance records at its concerts.

Although the beginnings of the group were difficult and its leader Eduin Caz has commented in various interviews with the media that he had to live in povertycurrently he can afford luxuries, such as buying a custom plane.

Currently, the exact amount that Grupo Firme would be charging per concert is unknown, since each one has a different cost, according to the AP agency, the band would be generating around 64 million Mexican pesos per show.

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