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La Opinión Hoy: Shakira and Piqué are still in controversy. Elvis Presley’s daughter dies

The couple’s separation has been the main topic in the media for weeks.

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After a long relationship that seemed perfect, Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They have been in an unconventional and unfriendly separation process for months, all under the gaze of thousands of people.

This separation reached a new level of scandal when Shakira published her most recent single last week, session 53 with the Argentine Bizarrap, which caused a furor on social networks due to its melody and lyrics.

This theme managed to pass 64 million views on YouTube in one day, a figure that was imposed by the song “Slowly” by Luis Fonsi published in 2017 and reached almost 25 million views in 12 hours.

With this new song, the Colombian has been criticized and accused of being a “hurt” and “defensive” woman. That is why Shakira, without mentioning any criticism, sent a strong message by showing that her song is the most listened to in the world on the Spotify platform, showing once again that she knows what she is doing.

Within the song, the artist mentioned some brands such as: Casio, Rolex, Ferrari and Twingoin a comparative and derogatory way.

His former Piqué has taken these comparisons to make announcements on his own platforms, such as driving to a recording driving a Twingo model car and using a Casio watch, including announcing sponsorship of this brand.

Death of Elvis Presley’s daughter

The death of Lisa Marie Presley surprised the entertainment world, who was the only daughter of Elvis Presley passed away last Thursday, January 12, and will be buried next to the graves of her son Benjamin Keough and his father, in the Graceland mansion, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

This information was released by the representative of the actress Riley Keoughone of the three daughters of the deceased, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The fact that she is buried, right next to the place where her son’s remains rest, has great symbolism, since it is said that Lisa Marie could never get over her departure and that she cried for him until life allowed her to.

In addition to reuniting with her son, Lisa Marie will also meet her father, whose grave is one of the most visited in the world, since Graceland has been converted into a museum for several years and it is considered the second most visited house in the United States, only behind the White House.

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