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La Opinión Hoy: New year, new routines; The cabal that made Messi win the World Cup

Find better habits to get peace of mind in 2023

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It’s about to start A new year and the best thing is to do it with better habits, to have everything ordered, in a more stable environment, in a new beginning.

It is not just a physical space, but a lifestyle. Schedules and routines are great allies. Research from the University of Texas affirms that the order that surrounds it is directly related to well-being.

It is a lifestyle, in messy environments, stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline are activated and more than in a tidy house it is favored with good decision making.

An alternative is to follow the “5 S” method. There are five steps that help keep our home in perfect condition combined with peace of mind.

  1. Free space. Get rid of what is useless.
  2. Sort and put everything in its place. Save it from what will not be used.
  3. Create a routine of daily cleaning and good ventilation.
  4. Maintain order on a day-to-day basis. It will be easier and they will standardize tasks, for example, they will sweep one day, clean windows another.
  5. Being constant, this will help all of the above to not lose meaning.

Messi’s cabal

Do you have any cabal to face the new year and with it comes love, fortune and health? The colored underpants, brooms, rituals of all kinds are carried out to face this new cycle in the best way, but someone has a cabal that seems to have helped Lionel Messi to win the only thing that was missing in his professional career, the World Cup.

Jorge Hernández, journalist for La Opinión and one of those who discovered the popular cabal, released more detail on the subject.

“In recent days, a version has been published that Anotenlla Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, used a particular cabal to give the Argentine star a little hand, something simple, but in the end the result came,” he said.

As we all know, she accompanied “Lio” to all the matches, but the curious thing is that in all the matches that Argentina won, she took a photo with her three children and shared it before the engagement began. The only photo that does not exist is the one from the first game, which they lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia.

“But not only that, but in each one the 4 appeared with the visiting shirt, despite the fact that they played with the traditional albiceleste,” he added.

It was Antonella’s fans who noticed this and began to spread it on the networks. The couple has neither confirmed nor denied the version. Caballa or not Messi ended up lifting the World Cup.

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