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La Opinión Hoy: Changes in Liga MX, the Mexican team continues without DT

In a press conference by Yon de Luisa (FMF) and Mikel Arriola (Liga MX) various changes were announced to seek to improve the quality of Mexican soccer.

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What was promised is a debt, although this time it is halfway, since the president of the Mexican Football Federation, Yon de Luis, and his Liga MX counterpart, Mikel Arriola, announced several changes for the development of local competition and the process of national teams, after 60 days of the failure of El Tri in the world past, but they did not announce a new Technical Director.

The managers announced that the idea is to make Mexican soccer grow, which is why they adopted rectification measures after the debacle in Qatari lands.

Among the changes are:

  • Elimination of the repechage from the Apertura 2023 tournament.
  • Reduction of foreigners to seven per team from the 2023/24 season.
  • Return to promotions and relegations through the creation of a work group that evaluates the situation to improve the Expansion League according to the economic viability of the division. It must be presented in May.
  • Eliminate timeshare by 2026.
  • A long championship with two Liguillas, to recognize the best team of the year. The second tournament of the year will begin with the points accumulated by each club.
  • Bilateral strategy of the FMF and clubs with the aim of getting more talent from Mexico to Europe.
  • Locate other sports incentives to reward teams that favor basic forces, Mexican players and their export to Europe.
  • Ensure the standardization of the conditions of the courts and the ball according to the World Cup specifications.

Karol G tells us that “Tomorrow will be beautiful” with music

One of the most anticipated premieres in the world of entertainment is ready, Carol G. announced his new album “Mañana ser bonito”.

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“Tomorrow will be beautiful” brings surprises and collaborations that will undoubtedly make all the ‘bichotas’ sing these songs in their next concerts.

“The name of the album comes from a phrase that I kept saying during a time when I was not feeling well. Every day I told myself: ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’, tomorrow will be beautiful”, said Karol G in an exclusive interview with the Rolling Stones Magazine

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