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La Opinion Hoy: Arizona is already buzzing with Super Bowl LVII. Alfredo Adame involved in a new fight

State Farm Stadium will host NFL Super Bowl LVII on February 12.

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Like every year, the headquarters of the super bowl It is in full swing and to give us details of this new edition we talked to Ricardo López Juárez, sports editor of La Opinión, who is in Glendale, Arizona.

“The week starts a little slow with respect to the environment. The fans would be arriving approximately from Thursday or Friday, but with respect to the press there is a lot of movement. Monday night all the reporters we were able to talk with any member of the two teams: players, coach, team owners, cheerleaders, mascots (…) I had a great time and it was quite interesting”, described López Juárez.

The sports journalist explained that he was able to talk with clark huntCEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, “It was very interesting, because I asked him about how his dad came up with the term Super Bowl, which now means so much to fans, and it turns out that this name he was inspired by a toy of this when he was two years old.”

“This week we hope they will tell us when it will be the halftime press conference with Rihanna“López Juárez explained.

Alfredo Adame refuses to go to therapy after a new fight

Alfredo Adame explained that the beating he received on February 2 was caused by a traffic incident that occurred when he was going to the Mexico City airport, but when he was questioned about the possibility of take therapy to control his anger, he was blunt in assuring that he does not need it.

The Mexican actor and presenter held a brief meeting with the media upon his return from Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, where he explained that they beat him for refusing to pay for a blow that he allegedly hit another vehicle and recalled how the fight happened in full avenue.

“I began to despair and The others also began to tell me: ‘You pay or we are going to beat you down’. I threw the thousand pesos at him and he got into his car, took out one of those canes with which the brake is tied to the steering wheel and he wanted to hit me in the mirror to break it, ”he narrated.

He thanked everyone who cared about his health, but stressed that he does not have to go to therapy when he did not cause any disturbance.

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