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La Martita does corridos lying down in her own way

La Martita is very aware that it was with a tantrum that she began her career in the world of music.

“I’ve been singing since I was very little,” said the 26-year-old artist from Sonora. “My family is very Catholic, and once I heard choirs in the church and I wanted to stay, and I ‘enmulled’ [enterqué], I threw myself to the ground; she was very small, and now they make fun of me with that ”.

Marta Aurora Domínguez, her given name, was about three years old, and her insistence was such that her parents had to fold their hands and let the girl be part of the choir.

This is how the story of this girl who grew up in Huatabampo, in northern Mexico, began to be written, and who now, after breaking stone for years, released “Abriendo nuevas rutas”, an album with fourteen lying down corridos, a corrido subgenre that Its characteristic is the incorporation of rap and hip hop and the allusion to issues such as alcohol, excessive partying, weapons and violence.

But La Martita is something else.

“The ‘lying down’ is something different, something new,” he said. “With my album I want to show that not all corridos lying down are the same; There are corridos that incite you to violence but I don’t. You don’t need to use violence.”

Although in her videos there is consumption of alcohol and tobacco and a lot of partying, she wants to make it clear that it is only the appearance because in real life she is a girl who is far from the image projected by her visual works.

“I got into this for that very reason,” he said, “because we have to show that women can also do it, and to try to remove that macho image of the genre.”

And it is that in the world of Mexican music, but especially in the corrido genre, the vast majority of performers are men. La Martita is a minority in this area that until now few women have been able to penetrate.

“It’s a bit difficult, but not impossible,” he said. “I am the exception because the net I do like a lot; Since I was little I have been well rolled up my sleeves, well altered”.

And although this album marks the professional debut of La Martita because it has the backing of a powerful record company, the truth is that her career goes back several years, when she tried, unsuccessfully, to launch her career independently.

Back then, she had to make do with making records that only she and a handful of friends and family heard. Now her reality is different, and she hopes that this is just the beginning of a long career and the beginning of a trend that allows more women to be part of this movement.

“I have many plans,” he said. “I write them in my notebook, since I was 8 years old I write what I want, what I desire, and I believe that many things come true if you ask for them from the heart; I have asked for all this from my heart, and now thanks to the universe it is being given to me”.

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