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Kylie Jenner fans after son’s name change – means “My penis” in Arabic

After almost a year of waiting, Kylie Jenner has now revealed the name of her son – but the whole thing didn’t quite go as planned. It has emerged that the name has a less flattering meaning in Arabic-speaking countries.

Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner’s fans finally got to see what her soon-to-be-one-year-old son looks like, when the cosmetics mogul posted four pictures of him on Instagram.

Waited a year to reveal the new name

Jenner – who recently split from artist Travis Scott – also took the opportunity to reveal her son’s new name, which has been unknown since she last year told him that he would no longer be called Wolf.

He has now been named “Aire”, which Jenner later explained should be pronounced “Air”. According to a source People she chose the name because it means “Lion of God” in Hebrew. However, Arabic speakers were quick to point out that in some countries the name has a different, somewhat sinister meaning.

Journalist Antoinette Lattouf tweeted on Sunday:

“Should someone tell Kylie Jenner that she renamed her son Aire, which is a common Arabic expression for ‘my penis,’ or not?”

Also on Instagram, several people have commented on the name’s alternative meaning:

“Let’s hope he never goes to an Arab country,” writes one person in the comment section of Jenner’s post.

“Poor kid, his Arabic name is not good,” reads another comment.

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