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Kylie Jenner divides the internet with her interesting outfit choice for her getaway to Colorado

Kylie Jenner.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

It is no surprise to anyone that the younger sister of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, surprise with one of their looks. And it is that The billionaire does not fail to wear out of the ordinary outfits for the least unexpected places; such was the case with his most recent getaway to Colorado for a family vacation.

It was thanks to the dozens of photographs captured by the paparazzi that the public was able to enjoy the spectacular piece that the businesswoman wore for the high temperatures that are experienced during this season of the year.

It was a black leather trenchcoat that contrasted with the white fur appliqués that settled on the neck and sleeves of the piece.. To complete her look, Kylie Jenner opted for black thermal pants and boots in the same hue; her dark glasses were not lacking in her styling.

It wasn’t long before the outfit made its debut on the celebrity’s official Instagram account, earning it more recognition from netizens. Of course, while some praised her for her risky look, there was no shortage of those who called her “ridiculous”..

For this reason, the comments section became a sea of ​​divided opinions that did not go unnoticed by anyone. Here we share some of the reactions:

“I miss the era of King Kylie”, “The fashionista era has ended”, “Now I did not like it”, “The only thing I will say is ‘why'” and “Oh okay”, are some of the responses that are read In the net.

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